Laura-Leigh From'Vanderpump Rules''Memba Her?!

American actress Laura-Leigh was 22 years old when she was cast to be a part of 'Vanderpump Rules' -- Bravo's hit reality show, first airing in 2013, led by the one and only restaurateur and television personality Lisa Vanderpump.

Laura-Leigh served crispy chicken sandwiches and fried goat cheese balls with some of television's most dramatic stars including Stassi Schroeder, LaLa Kent, Jax Taylor, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, Scheana Shay, Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney.

Laura-Leigh left the show after one season when she booked a role in "We're The Millers" starring Jennifer Aniston.

Guess what she looks like today!

'Vanderpump' Stars Tom & KatieSee Ya Later to Our Home ...After Filing for Divorce

"Vanderpump Rules" star Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have officially gone their separate ways, and now, they're doing the same with the home they shared while married.

The two have listed the pad at $2.7 million ... considering they bought it back in 2019 for just under $2 million, there's a chance they'll turn a profit. It's got plenty of ways to entertain guests, including a pool, patio and backyard spa.

Obviously, the listing was expected, Katie recently opened up about moving out of the home and getting an apartment of her own.

In an emotional IG post about leaving the home, she wrote Β ... "I hate goodbyes. And this one hurts a lot. The emotions and words are hard to pin down. Closing this chapter on my life feels like attending my own funeral."

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She continued, "Thank you house for being the coziest brightest home, for the memories, for being my sanctuary, for letting me dress you up like a hallmark movie set at Christmas and for being OURS."

Of course, this all comes about 3 months after Katie filed for divorce from Tom, in L.A. County Superior Court. They both reportedly decided not to keep the house, following the split ... cause it was too much for just one person.

Stephen Apelian of Coldwell Banker Realty holds the listing.

Randall EmmettLists House He Shared with Lala

Randall Emmett is working to eliminate a major source of memories in his relationship with Lala Kent ... listing the house they once called home for sale.

The producer is parting ways with the 4 bed, 4 bathroom house he and his ex-fiancee used to live in together. Randall's asking $6.295 million for the home -- which comes complete with a swimming pool, entertainer's kitchen and pickle-ball court in the backyard.

A source familiar with the situation tells us Randall is simply looking for a bigger home for his family ... he bought it several years ago and remodeled a lot of the home, so he should definitely make a decent profit.

TMZ broke the story -- the two ended their 3-year engagement back in October -- with Lala moving out of the home. While the couple had several ups and downs in their relationship, we were told the October split was the final straw ... and that's proven true.

Randall had 2 children from a previous relationship, but he and Lala had welcomed a daughter, named Ocean, together in the months before their split.

While the couple's relationship was heavily covered on "Vanderpump Rules" things got pretty messy near the end, with allegations of cheating. Clearly, there were trust issues between the two as well, Lala recently said on her podcast, "The only truth I feel that existed in my relationship was me and my daughter Ocean. That is where the truth ended. That is a hard pill to swallow.”

The listing is held by David T. Kessler & Sasha Kaplan Pollak at Coldwell Banker Realty.

'Vanderpump Rules' Katie MaloneyFiles For Divorce From Tom Schwartz

"Vanderpump Rules" star Katie Maloney has officially filed for divorce from Tom Schwartz ... ending their marriage.

Katie filed court docs Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court. The two have no children together.

We last saw the two at Mister O's Saturday in the San Fernando Valley, with eyewitnesses saying they seemed uninterested in each other ... rarely holding eye contact while speaking.

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Last week, the couple announced their split with a lengthy post on Katie's Instagram. The text was paired with photos of the two of them -- showing happier times.

Katie and Tom had a wedding on their Bravo show back in 2016 ... but some speculated it may not have been official because they flew to Vegas 3 years later ... apparently to officially tie the knot.

The two seemed to have a dramatic relationship at times, with things like angry texts and cheating allegations creating difficulties. But, Katie jumped on the "You're Gonna Love Me" podcast Friday and said their breakup was very low-drama.

'VPR's' Katie Maloney, Tom SchwartzBack Together Days After Split ...But Don't Get Your Hopes Up

"Vanderpump Rules" stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz were back together just days after they told the world they split, but judging from their encounter, a reconciliation doesn't seem likely.

Katie and Tom hit up Mister O's Saturday in the San Fernando Valley -- Studio City to be specific. They were tucked away in a back corner on the outside patio and ordered drinks.

An eyewitness tells TMZ ... they seemed disinterested in each other, constantly looking down and examining their cellphones.

The eyewitness says there was zero evidence of affection ... they talked, but that was about it. They were there a fairly long time.

Katie and Tom announced their split this past Tuesday, ending their 12-year relationship. They got married on the Bravo show back in 2016. Turns out the TV wedding wasn't legit, so they hopped on a flight to Vegas 3 years later and tied the knot.

They had a pretty explosive relationship, with speed bumps that included cheating, raging texts ... stuff like that.

Katie jumped on the "You're Gonna Love Me" podcast Friday and said this was a low-drama breakup ... "There wasn't some kind of crazy incident that happened. There wasn't some crazy fight that resulted in this."

Lisa VanderpumpBucked Off Her Horse ...Hospitalized with Broken Leg

Lisa Venderpump got thrown for a loop on the horse she was riding ... and she ended up in the hospital with broken bones.

'The Real Housewives' star was riding her horse Sunday at The Paddock in the Los Feliz part of L.A., when the equine apparently got spooked, reared up and bucked her off. An eyewitness tells us she flew over the horse's head and landed squarely on her back.

Lisa was in a lot of pain, and for good reason ... we're told she broke her leg in 2 places, just above the ankle. She also has bruising on her back.

She was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Hubby Ken Todd followed behind and he's with her at the hospital now. We're told she'll undergo surgery. Our Vanderpump sources say once she's all healed, she'll be fine.

The horse is no stranger to Lisa ... they've been together for 6 years. Some friend!!!

You know what they say about getting back on the horse ...

Lisa Vanderpump to Kyle RichardsNo, I Didn't Dine & DashI've Got Receipts!!!


8:52 AM PT -- Lisa's got the receipt to put this saga to bed once and for all. Lisa tells TMZ ... she didn't think she'd actually have to produce the evidence of her bank statement to dispel Kyle's claim Lisa dined and dashed earlier this week ... but here we are.


Lisa, who says she's not going to take Kyle's lies anymore, sent us a copy of her bank statement that shows the date, restaurant and amount we had previously reported.


And, in case you're wondering ... Lisa says she left a $40 cash tip and Ken left a $15 tip to the hostess for seating them quickly. Lisa, a restaurant owner herself, says she'd never dine and dash. Case closed.

Kyle Richards is telling a different story about Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant tab -- claiming her nemesis didn't pull a haha prank, she straight up dined and dashed like a broke college kid.

We got Kyle and her hubby, Mauricio Umansky, leaving Craig's in WeHo Thursday night and she was asked about the story TMZ broke ... that Lisa had a waiter deliver her check to Kyle's table earlier this week at a ritzy L.A. joint.

Now, as Kyle tells it, not only did she and the 'RHOBH' executive producer she was having dinner with NOT pickup LV's meal ... Kyle claims Lisa didn't pay for it either.

Now, watch the clip ... Kyle stopped just short of calling Lisa a cheapskate, and insists she's being nothing but nice about the situation. We suspect Lisa might have something to say about that. In any event, there are now 2 sides to this story.

As we first reported ... Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, were out for dinner earlier this week and happened to hit up the same spot where Kyle and the 'RHOBH' EP were eating.

LV instructed the server to send her $132 bill to Kyle's table because she said she had a playful relationship with the producer, but they didn't bite ... and refused to cover the expense.

Lisa told us she left a cash tip for the server, and an imprint of her credit card in case the tab wasn't picked up. Obviously, that's not what Kyle heard. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Originally Published -- 6:51 AM PT

Lisa VanderpumpShuttered Restaurants Sued... Gotta Pay for Fruits & Veggies!!!

Lisa Vanderpump's struggled, like all restaurant owners, due to the pandemic, and now she has another headache ... a lawsuit for unpaid produce.

As you know, Lisa and Ken Todd own and operate PUMP and Villa Blanca -- 2 L.A. hotspots ... pre-COVID, of course. Both joints shut down last year during quarantine, but used to get fruit and veggie shipments from a company called West Central Produce.

Now, West Central Produce is suing the restaurants, not Lisa, for past deliveries. In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, WCP says it got its last payment from Villa Blanca in March 2020 for $8,890.10 ... while PUMP forked over $9,144.70. That's a ton o' veggies!

But, that's right around the time quarantine started, forcing restaurants to close for several months -- and WCP claims the money also stopped coming in from Vanderpump's restaurants.

All told, the company claims it's owed just under $100k from both eateries. It's suing for that amount, plus some interest.

What's interesting is Lisa and Ken announced last summer that Villa Blanca was shutting down for good. Like so many restaurants, the pandemic closures were just too much to overcome -- but the good news is Lisa says PUMP will eventually reopen.

Ken tells us, while he wasn't aware of the lawsuit, if he owes money to anyone, he'll make sure his accountants get WCP paid. He says COVID has been a tough time for everyone in the restaurant biz. PUMP has been closed since the pandemic started.

One more thing ... your mom would like us to remind you to eat your veggies! πŸ˜‰

'Vanderpump Rules' Faith StowersGood Riddance, Jax... Way To Go, Bravo!!!


Faith Stowers -- the former Black cast member on "Vanderpump Rules" -- is glad Bravo isn't cutting checks for Jax Taylor ... and she says he needs to bone up on Black culture.

We got Faith outside of BurgerRock Media in Downtown Los Angeles and asked her reaction to Jax and his wife, Brittany Cartwright, leaving the show amid tons of controversy.

Faith, who has a long history of beef with Jax, says he's not a good fit for Bravo and she's glad the network finally agrees.


Remember, Jax accused Faith of stealing, and ripped her on the show and off-air. He's the latest 'Rules' star to leave, following Stassi Schroeder, Max Boyens,Brett Caprioni and Kristen Doute out the door ... that foursome was 86'd after racist comments and behavior surfaced.

Faith tells us what Jax and Stassi did is not in line with what Bravo stands for ... and she thinks folks who watch the network are also glad they're gone.

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There's some debate about whether Bravo fired Jax or they mutually decided to part ways ... a source close to him told us he wasn't fired ... but Faith thinks Jax was probably canned, and says he got what he deserved.

Faith, who tells us she's working on her own upcoming show with Maria Menounos, is wishing the best for Jax and Brittany, who is pregnant with their first child ... and she tells us why the couple needs to hire a Black culture coach.

Lisa VanderpumpBeloved Dog Giggy Dies

Lisa Vanderpump's Pomeranian dog, Giggy, has died ... leaving a big dent in both Lisa's heart, and the hearts of many others who've encountered the famous pooch over the years.

The Bravo reality star and restaurant owner broke the sad news Saturday ... "We are devastated to say that our beloved Giggy has passed away this morning. He was truly loved, and we know how many of you loved him too."

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Lisa added, "Our sweet Gigolo was such an incredible, unique dog, but mainly, because of him, we started The Vanderpump Dog Foundation and embarked on our mission to save as many dogs as possible."

Finally, she writes, "He inspired us to start our work in rescue, and for that we will always be grateful. Giggy’s legacy will live on, through every dog @vanderpumpdogs saves. Thank you all for your support. Rest In Peace Giggy, we love you. - Ken & Lisa- Dolly"

Giggy was perhaps Lisa's most popular of her eight dogs -- often seen dressed up in little doggy outfits, including mini tuxes and bow ties, sweaters and even hats. The reason for that ... Lisa announced Giggy was actually afflicted with alopecia, which causes patches in a dog's fur and affects the growth of hair (same deal for humans too, BTW).

The disease is not deadly ... and it's unclear if it had any bearing on Giggy's passing. It's possible the pooch died of old age -- the little guy was pushing at least 10.

Giggy will be remembered for his extravagant outfits and his red carpet appearances too -- he would often accompany Lisa for premieres and other events, and would usually be getting carried instead of walked on a leash. Of course, he was also freakin' adorable.

The dog was also known for celeb cameos and photoshoots -- he met Ellen DeGeneres, Drake, 'Real Housewives' cast members ... and countless other stars over the years. Giggy also appeared several times on 'Vanderpump Rules' ... he for sure was a fan fave.


Oh, and BTW ... we got a kick out of him too, especially when we got him on video in 2014, as he posed for photogs with his mom. Yeah, Giggy was a natural, and loved by all.


Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright'Vanderpump Rules' Days Are Over


7:39 PM PT -- One source close to Taylor disputes the report that he was fired, instead telling us that after discussions with the network, he and Brittany did not feel the show's direction would be compatible with their new baby and growing family. We're told there's no bad blood with Bravo.

Jax Taylorand his wife are out of a job ... the costars have been canned from "Vanderpump Rules."

Jax and Brittany Cartwright announced Friday they'd been given the ax ... and honchos at Bravo confirm the couple won't be returning to the show.

Jax was one of the reality show's OG cast members, carving out a bigger role over the past 8 seasons, and Brittany has been featured for the last 5 seasons.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

While Jax and Brittany's fates are sealed, the future of 'Vanderpump Rules' as a whole is unclear, because restaurants in Los Angeles are still shuttered due to the worsening pandemic.

Sources close to production tell us execs haven't yet determined when the show will return.

Jax and Brittany are the latest 'VR' stars to be shown the door ... as we reported, back in June the show 86'd Stassi Schroeder, Max Boyens, Brett Caprioni and Kristen Doute ... due to racist behavior and comments that came to light.

Jax's hinting he and Brittany have big plans for life after 'VR.'

'Vanderpump Rules' StarDanica's Ex-BF Dodges Charges ...For Slashing Her Clothes!!!

"Vanderpump Rules" star Danica Dow's ex-BF -- the one she got a restraining order against -- is admitting he ransacked her wardrobe, but he's still avoiding criminal charges for the clothing attack.

So, here's the deal ... back in August, Danica got a temporary restraining order against Brett Willis claiming he broke into her home in the middle of the night, cut up a bunch of her clothes, and stole her iPhone.

Danica reported the incident to cops, but TMZ's learned the L.A. County D.A.'s Office will not file charges against Willis, and here's why.

We're told Brett copped to damaging Danica's clothes, but he offered to pay for damage and Danica accepted. He also returned her iPhone, which he said he grabbed by mistake because it looked like his. So, basically ... no blood, no foul so the D.A.'s Office decided not to charge him.

Brett tells TMZ ... he cooperated with law enforcement, and is relieved to close this chapter of his life. He wants to move forward with a positive attitude, but there's still the matter of a couple restraining orders.

Brett also filed for one against Danica, claiming she got violent with him in July over dirty dishes. He claimed she "grabbed my neck twice, each time digging her nails deep."

The exes both have upcoming court dates to address the restraining orders.

Stassi SchroederI Was a Karen!!!for Racist Oscars Comment

Stassi Schroeder is actually admitting she was a Karen years before it became a thing ... at least that's how she now views her infamous bitching about the #OscarsSoWhite campaign.

The ex-"Vanderpump Rules" star made the self-assessment while on the 'Tamron Hall Show' ... saying her 2017 comment on her "Straight Up with Stassi" podcast was insensitive.

A little back story ... long before she was fired over racist behavior, Stassi complained saying, β€œI’m like, really sick of everyone making everything about race. I’m kind of over it … everyone giving their impassioned speeches about race and all of that stuff, I’m like, β€˜why is it always just about African Americans?’"

Check out the interview ... Stassi says the comment itself is something she's been wanting to talk about for some time. She says over the last few months she's learned so much about Black history and the obstacles they face as a community every day. Suffice to say ... Stassi is now embarrassed about having that mentality and putting it out there.

It was so bad, Stassi recognizes, that she labeled herself a 'Karen.'

Stassi also addressed her firing from the Bravo show. Stassi says she wonders if people think she's a racist when she goes out grocery shopping or running other errands. She told Tamron, "I've never felt like I was a racist. I don't have hate in my heart, but I recognize I wasn't anti-racist. That's something I've been learning throughout all of this."

As we reported ... Stassi and 3 of her former cast members were axed by Bravo back in June for racist behavior. She ultimately went on an apology tour but it was too little, too late.

Stassi SchroederJob Opportunity is a-Knockin' ...After Racism Scandal

Stassi Schroeder might be done at Bravo after her despicable behavior against a woman of color, but she's not done with Hollywood yet ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... the ex-'Vanderpump Rules' star has been in talks with producers from Evolution Media -- the production company that shoots and edits 'VR' for Bravo. We're told nothing concrete is in place yet, but there's interest on both sides to work on future projects.

The only problem for Stassi ... our sources say she's still on contract with Bravo for the next 6 months, which means she can't hop on another network or another show until then.


FWIW, Evolution produces a ton of shows for a bunch of different companies -- so if they do something with Stassi down the line, it wouldn't have to be tied to Bravo. Good thing, since Bravo wants nothing to do with Stassi after firing her and Kristen Doute for racist behavior toward Faith Stowers ... a former 'VR' cast member.

Stassi apologized for that, and we're told she's ready to move on to new opportunities ... if one presents itself.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Another thing we're also hearing about Stassi's business opportunities ... they're not confined to on-camera duty.

Stassi continues to get hit up by major brands looking for her to plug their products on social media. So, she still has influencer clout if she opts to flex it for a payday.

'Vanderpump Rules'Cast Wants Danica Dow Axed ...After TRO Drama w/ Ex-BF

Danica Dow's days on "Vanderpump Rules" are numbered, IF her costars get a say -- they want her out due to allegations she got violent with an ex-BF ... TMZ has learned.

Sources on the show tell us a majority of the cast -- including longtime stars on the series -- think Danica's potentially dangerous and more trouble than she's worth after the court drama between her and Brett Willis, this past week.

We're told other members of the cast have seen volatile behavior from her that makes them think Brett's allegations could be true. Specifically, our sources say she was seen pushing Brett while they were working at SUR and shooting season 8 of 'VR.'

We're told cutting Danica out now wouldn't hurt any storylines -- she was a new character this year and wasn't playing into the bulk of drama.

It's unclear what producers are thinking about Danica or Brett's fate on the show. He's also been a very minor character who was only introduced through Danica.

As we reported ... Brett ran to court last week claiming multiple instances of Danica allegedly using violence upon him, including clawing up his neck, biting his arm and ripping his clothes. On the flip side, she alleged he broke into her house to damage her belongings.

Judges signed off on both of their requests to have the other stay away from each other -- but it sounds like the 'VR' cast is believing him more than her.

We reached out to Danica for comment, but no word back yet.

'Vanderpump Rules' StarDanica Dow's Ex-BF Gets Restraining Order ...She Tore Up My Neck!!!

"Vanderpump Rules" star Danica Dow's ex-BF is responding to her restraining order against him by getting his own against her ... claiming she clawed his neck over a "90 Day Fiance" episode.

Brett Willis beelined it to court in L.A. seeking a temporary restraining order against Danica, and claims she most recently got violent with him in July when an argument erupted between them.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, he says Danica was pissed he wouldn't clean his dish until after a "90 Day Fiance" episode ended. He says he went outside to let her cool off, but claims when he came back the argument continued ... β€œuntil Danica grabbed my neck twice, each time digging her nails deep and pulling hard enough to scratch off some skin from my neck.”

Willis claims she drew blood, just like she allegedly did in a February fight about a woman he'd hooked up with before they were together. According to the docs, Danica was so pissed she "ran across her bed to claw my neck and rip my shirt apart." He also alleges she bit his arm when he tried to get away.

He also claims she went off on him at a "Vanderpump Rules" premiere party. All that was enough for the judge, who granted his restraining order for Danica to stay at least 10 feet away when they're both working at Pump ... and 100 yards away outside the bar.

For her part, Danica claimed earlier this week that Brett broke into her home and cut up her clothes -- and she too was granted a restraining order.

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