'One Tree Hill' Bevin PrinceHusband Dies After Being Struck by Lightning

"One Tree Hill" star Bevin Prince is suffering through the devastating loss of her husband, who was struck by lightning.

According to a local report, William Friend was near Masonboro Island in North Carolina over the weekend when he was hit by a lightning strike. Friend, the CEO of Bisnow, a digital media company, was only 33 years old.

NBC affiliate WECT says deputies performed CPR on Friend at the scene for 20 minutes, but the life-saving efforts weren't enough ... he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bevin and William married in 2016, the pair owned a fitness business in North Carolina.

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A release from Bisnow read, in part, "Friends and former colleagues marveled at Friend's ability and willingness to take on new challenges — whether or not he was ready. He demonstrated that tenacity at an early age."

Bevin was a regular on "One Tree Hill" ... appearing in episodes from 2003 to 2012.

Gunshots in MovieHollywood Won't Limit ProductionsInvolving 'Shootings' In Public Areas

Movie gunfire that has been a staple on the big screen for decades is way more problematic these days -- given the fear those sounds generate during production -- but TMZ has learned the LAPD will continue to allow movie shoots in public areas that involve gunfire.

A law enforcement source at LAPD's Film Unit -- which issues permits to shoot movies in Hollywood and surrounding areas -- tells TMZ, there are no plans to limit shooting scenes in public places.

The LAPD will not publicly comment on its rationale ... but in the wake of the massacres in Highland Park, Uvalde, Buffalo and hundreds of other cities this year alone, there's no doubt the sound of gunshots strikes fear in anyone within earshot.

Orlando Police Department

You can see clearly from celebrations during the 4th of July in Orlando -- where fireworks went off and people scrambled thinking it was gunfire -- just how terrified and on edge people are.

Nevertheless, there's no current plan in L.A. to limit productions that use weapons and the sounds of gunshots while filming in public.

We attempted to find out if any such productions have outstanding permits for movie shootouts, but records are not readily available.

There have been movie shoots in the past where people who weren't involved panicked when they heard the sounds, but in the last few years the alarm level has clearly exponentially increased.

Guess Who ThisBashful GirlTurned Into!

Before this girl in pink turned into an actress and a shining singer, she was just a pre-teen at brunch posing with her mini purse and growing up in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This brunette beauty made her film feature debut in "The New Romantic" starring Jessica Barden, but she's definitely most known for playing the outgoing and extroverted high school girl in a hit drama series, alongside Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart.

Still not sure who this young fashionista turned into? She enjoys sharing her skincare and beauty routine on Instagram with her millions of followers.

Can you guess who she is?

'Outer Banks'Stand-In for Chase Stokes Killed ...Hit-and-Run Accident

A stand-in for Chase Stokes on the hit show 'Outer Banks' was killed this week in a horrific car accident -- this as the new season continues to film in South Carolina.

22-year-old Alexander 'AJ' Jennings was struck by two vehicles early Tuesday morning in Charleston, both of which fled the scene. He passed away as a result of injuries sustained from the double hit-and-run -- the coroner's office has his time of death listed at 3:13 AM.

According to preliminary reports, Jennings was walking along a main thoroughfare between James Island and Folly Beach when he was hit around 2 AM. The first vehicle left him for dead, and not too long after that ... Jennings was apparently hit by a second vehicle that also split -- although that driver was reportedly later pulled over in a traffic stop.

Life-saving measures were unsuccessful ... Jennings succumbed to his injuries. His employer, Kimmie Stewart Casting, confirmed Jennings had been working on 'OB' as a photo double/stand-in for John B -- the main character of the Netflix series, portrayed by Chase.

KSC writes, "I cannot fathom the shock and tragedy of AJ's sudden loss and our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time. I understand this message may be difficult to process for those of you that met & became fast friends with AJ."

The agency adds that Netflix has grief counseling available to those who need it -- as AJ appears to have had a lot of friends on the production. One of those friends, it seems, was Chase himself ... who also honored AJ by taking to social media.

He writes, "Still trying to process why certain things happen, and why the world works in the ways that it does. My heart is shattered. Your life was just starting. We JUST talked about how pumped you were about your tunes, how far you'd come with that ole 6 string and your want to keep creating art. Always always making others hearts warm and being so damn selfless." CS went on to say AJ had touched all of their lives, adding ... "Fly high angel."

'Outer Banks' reportedly started filming season 3 earlier this year, and they shoot on location in Charleston. No charges have been filed yet, and the case is pending.

Hayden PanettiereSecret Opioid & Alcohol Addiction'Cycle of Self-Destruction'


Hayden Panettiere is opening up for the first time about a secret addiction to opioids and alcohol ... saying it took a huge toll on her life and career.

The "Nashville" star, in an interview on "Good Morning America," says she struggled with substance abuse, as well as a battle with postpartum depression after having her 7-year-old daughter, Kaya, saying, "I was on top of the world and I ruined it."

Hayden says at one point, her addiction to alcohol got so bad that she was hospitalized, suffering from jaundice, and the docs warned her liver was going to give out. Now, she says, trauma therapy and inpatient treatment over the last year has brought her to a place of peace ... but it's taken a lot of work.

As a childhood star, she says someone on her team gave her "happy pills" before she appeared on red carpets, "They were to make me peppy during interviews. I had no idea that this was not an appropriate thing, or what door that would open for me when it came to my addiction."

She says as the addiction got worse, she did have one place of sobriety, "My saving grace is that I couldn't be messy while on set and working ... But, things kept getting out of control [off set]. And, as I got older, the drugs and alcohol became something I almost couldn't live without."


The last time we saw Hayden, she was in a massive brawl with her boyfriend Brian Hickerson, back in March. Now, she seems to be better than ever, happy to be getting a second chance.

Warren JeffsIn Protective Custody For Over A Decade ...In Cell 22 Hours A Day

Warren Jeffs, the subject of a popular new Netflix documentary -- "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey" -- has been closely watched for his own protection for the past decade while locked away, TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice tells TMZ ... Warren has been in protective custody since he arrived at the Louis C. Powledge Unit in Anderson County back in 2011.

The area is designed to provide the ultimate protection for inmates ... he stays in his cell for 22 hours each day ... even his meals are brought to him. He's given some rec time, but isn't allowed to interact with other inmates.

An inmate is placed in protective custody when there's been a serious, direct or proven threat to their safety. The circumstances surrounding his confinement have not been made public.

As we reported, Warren took his new mug shot Thursday ... as his Netflix doc continues to do big numbers. The series examines his controversial church ... where polygamy reigned supreme.

Warren reportedly had 78 wives when he was arrested back in 2006. He was later found guilty of sexual assault on a minor and aggravated sexual assault against a child and is serving a life sentence.

'9-1-1: LONE STAR' ACTORTyler Sanders Died From Apparent Overdose

Tyler Sanders' death is being treated as a suspected overdose ... sources connected to the death investigation tell TMZ.

We're told Tyler, who had roles in big shows like "9-1-1: Lone Star" and "Fear the Walking Dead," had a history of drug use and cops found a plastic straw and white powder in the room where he died.

TMZ broke the story ... 18-year-old Tyler was found dead June 16 in his Los Angeles home.

Our sources say Tyler's friends called police to conduct a welfare check because they had not heard from him following a night out ... and that's what led to his body being discovered.

Tyler was laid to rest in Houston ... and someone who attended the funeral tells us Tyler's dad, David Sanders, delivered the eulogy and told the crowd Tyler died of an apparent drug overdose.

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We're told Tyler started battling depression when he began filming '9-1-1' and his father repeated some of Tyler's own words at his funeral, talking about how Tyler's brain was wired to where he could not feel happiness.

An official cause of death for Tyler will be determined by the coroner once toxicology reports come back in 4 to 6 months.

Disney Star Adam HicksOut On ParoleAfter Robbery Sentence

Adam Hicks, the former child star of several Disney movies and TV shows, is living life on parole after doing time for second-degree robbery.

Hicks was arrested in 2018 for allegedly pulling a bunch of armed robberies in Burbank, CA -- and eventually, in July 2021, got sentenced to 5 years behind bars.

He caught a major break though, because the judge gave him credit for 1,460 days he served while awaiting sentencing, and he was released back in March.


TMZ broke the story ... Hicks, who starred in "Zeke and Luther," "Pair of Kings," and "Lemonade Mouth" and his girlfriend Danni Tamburowere arrested after cruising the Burbank area and pointing a gun at pedestrians -- taking their cellphones, money and other property.

While Hicks got 5 years in prison, his GF got off with 3 years of probation.

The actor had shown a history of violence before his arrest -- he once shot himself in the leg while hanging out with friends, and court docs said he was "very uncooperative" with police.

He'd also gotten arrested after Danni told cops Hicks pulled her by the hair, grabbed her arms and shoved her to the ground. He only dodged prosecution after Danni refused to cooperate.

Keanu ReevesDrops in on Aston Martin Garage ...At British Grand Prix Race

Keanu Reeves' onscreen need for speed became a reality this weekend -- he's in England taking in the Grand Prix race ... and seems to have an allegiance for one team in particular.

The actor was out and about Saturday at the Silverstone Circuit, where F1's British Grand Prix is underway ... surfacing at none other than the Aston Martin garage, where KR was watching the team's lead driver, Sebastian Vettel, take the wheel and zip around the track.

Keanu, who tends to be pretty private, was hard to miss ... and didn't seem to be shying away from the attention. At one point, he was photographed with raceway earmuffs while hanging out with AM crew members and staff -- who welcomed the guy with open arms.

In fact, he was kinda posing with whoever wanted a picture -- rocking his signature long hair and scruffy beard. Plus, his usual all-black getups ... which he didn't seem to mind having exposed to the rain.

Some shots of him on the actual grid -- while it was drizzling -- are making the rounds ... and, sure enough, there's Keanu with a vest on getting a closer look at the action. His blurry face has nothing to do with a glitch in the simulation ... just water on the camera. 😅

Martin Brundle from Sky News even landed an interview with Keanu, who apparently was digging the day's events. Sounds like John Wick's a real-life gearhead who nerds out on this kind of stuff ... who knew?!?

Keanu sightings are rare, but always a delight -- and it would appear his pop-in for F1 was no different. Talk about a most excellent adventure!

Richard GereNY Compound Sells for $24 Mil!!!

Richard Gere has a buyer for his impressive New York estate ... and while he ended up selling for under the original asking price, he's still walking away with a fortune.

The "Pretty Woman" star's 50 acres of property sold on Wednesday -- the buyer shelled out $24.15 million for the entire space out in Pound Ridge, about an hour north of NYC in Westchester County.

The compound includes 5 structures, a pool and some stables -- the area has rolling hills that are perfect for horseback riding, making those stables look like a necessity. The main residence alone is a whopping 11,600 square feet.

The compound also comes with its own private beach, an island you can reach by rowboat ... and there's even a soccer field, too. The surrounding area is incredibly lush -- over 4,300 acres of protected land circle the estate.

Richard listed the property back in October for $28 mil, and records show he bought the space 35 years ago for a measly $1.5M -- talk about a profit!!!

He reportedly spent nearly $10M on a new 35-acre estate, also in upstate NY, with his wife Alejandra Silva.

Dylan O'Brien and Chloe BennetFlirty Lunch Date ...New Couple Alert?!?

Dylan O'Brien and Chloe Bennet have all the makings of Hollywood's newest couple ... we're told their lunch date got super flirty.

TMZ got these pics of Dylan and Chloe grabbing a bite together over the weekend at Potato Chips Deli in Los Angeles, and folks who were eating there tell us the actors were giving off much more than just a friendly vibe.

We're told Dylan and Chloe were flirting with each other ... and while it was clear this was a relaxed date, we're told their demeanor suggested they were very comfortable with each other.

Actors love dating other actors, and Dylan's famous for his work on "Teen Wolf" and "The Maze Runner," while Chloe is known for her role in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

We reached out to reps for Dylan and Chloe ... so far no word back.

Busy PhilippsWe Want Justice!!!Marching in D.C. for Abortion Rights


Busy Philipps is joining the millions of Americans protesting the Supreme Court's overturn of Roe v. Wade ... and she's making her stand near Capitol Hill.

Busy was with hundreds of other demonstrators Thursday in Washington, D.C. ... marching down a street near the Supreme Court with a giant banner reading "We Won't Back Down."

The "Cougar Town" star was on the group's front line as they sang "We want justice" to the melody of Queen's hit "I Want it All."

Beyond the marching and singing, Busy made it clear she means business when it comes to opposing the controversial SCOTUS ruling -- she was wearing a t-shirt that says, "I will aid and abet abortion."


As you know, protests have been nearly nonstop since last Friday when the Supreme Court finally issued its opinion on Roe v. Wade ... after a draft of the opinion leaked back in early May.

Security at the Capitol was beefed up to address any civil unrest, according to sources within the Capitol Police. The way they see it -- anytime there are crowds of people on opposing sides, it's a recipe for potential violence.

Julia GarnerSits Front Row At Drag Show.... Praise for Madonna Gig


Julia Garner -- who has been tapped to play Madonnain her upcoming biopic -- shows she's got the Material Girl vibe ... showing up at a drag show, and even getting in on the action!

Drag Queen Ginger Douglas tells TMZ ... Julia was having a blast at Mickey's in WeHo during a performance of "Showgirls," put on by "RuPaul's Drag Race" star Morgan McMichaels.

Julia, her hubby Mark Foster from Foster The People and the rest of her pals sat front row ... Morgan even pulled her up on stage, congratulating her for her Madge flick ... and the crowd went wild.

Julia stayed for the whole show -- feeling the performances and even tipping the drag queens. She stayed after the show to take pics with members of the audience and some of the performers.

Madonna would approve!!!

Tyson FuryCalls Out 'The Mountain' ...'GOT' Star Accepts Fight!!!

The Gypsy King vs. The Mountain in 2022?!?

It appears we could very well see that ... 'cause after Tyson Fury threw a verbal jab at "Game of Thrones" star Hafthor Bjornsson on Wednesday -- the actor-turned-boxer accepted a fight!!!

Fury's barb was pretty clever ... on his Instagram page, he wrote, "I wonder if Thor Bjornsson could take a crashing right hand to that big jaw," adding, "Who would have Thor's hammer? Would this mountain be too big to climb?"

It didn't take long for Thor -- a former World's Strongest Man -- to see the quips ... and in a shirtless video, he fired back at Fury -- accepting a fight if the 33-year-old heavyweight champ was offering one.

"I'm 100% up for war," Bjornsson said. "Let's do this."

Instagram / @thorbjornsson

Now, don't get it twisted ... even though Bjornsson is an actor and a former strongman, he's no stranger to the boxing ring.

Since 2021, Bjornsson has boxed in 4 professional fights -- winning two bouts while the others ended up in a draw.

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And, the two are roughly the same size -- both standing at 6'9".

So, could it actually go down? We're all awaiting Fury's clap back ...

Actress Mary MaraDrowning Death May Have Involved Blunt Head Trauma


11:12 AM PT -- According to the Jefferson Co. Medical Examiner's Office, Mara's cause of death has been ruled an accident -- due to asphyxiation and water drowning.

Actress Mary Mara's drowning may have resulted from a serious head injury ... this according to her rep.

Mary's rep Craig Dorfman tells TMZ ... investigators informed her family about new evidence ... that she may have died after slipping and hitting her head following her swim in the town of Cape Vincent.

They say she took a dip in the St. Lawrence River Sunday morning -- one of her favorite places to swim ... and after getting out of the water, investigators think she slipped and hit her head, causing her to fall in the water and drown.

Their reasoning ... when they recovered her body she had face abrasions.

So far there's no working theory on what object injured her head ... but they believe the only logical explanation is she came in contact with some object that either rendered her unconscious or debilitated.

As we reported, her rep says investigators have ruled out foul play -- it's unclear why they are certain the trauma to the head was accidental. Dorfman says he and Mary's family believe drugs or alcohol did not play a role in her death.

Mary's family has deeply appreciated the outpouring of support they've received in the past two days.

Wendy WilliamsI'm Coping with Lymphedema ...Ready to Launch Podcast


One thing ya know about Wendy Williams, she doesn't tiptoe around anything ... which is why she told us -- as only Wendy could -- about her ongoing medical struggles, and starting her new career.

Wendy joined us Tuesday on "TMZ Live" to tell us more about why she's turning her back on TV, for now, and instead, choosing to produce her own podcast -- and, for her, it comes down to time and money.

Sounds like she's been doing some homework, because she told us ... "When you're famous, podcasts will make more money for me, being famous, than doing the Wendy Williams Show."

She made it clear, she's "100 percent retired" from the grind of her daily TV show.

Wendy's still in the planning stages when it comes to exactly what she's going to dig into during the podcast -- although, as we first reported, she has some celeb guests in mind already. But, the biggest revelation she dropped on us was about her battle with lymphedema.

She had no issue holding up her foot to reveal just how swollen it is from the condition -- which is caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system. Wendy says she can only feel "maybe 5 percent of my feet" ... but also explained how she's not letting it slow her down.


To that point, we got video of her out in NYC Monday night, and she seemed to be moving pretty well.

Wendy says it was an amicable split from Debmar-Mercury, her TV show's production company, and while she swears she's done with TV -- she did admit there's one gig she'd still do ... but only as a guest host.

Oh, and 'TWWS' fans will notice the furniture ... Wendy was speaking to us from her famous throne, which is now in her home office! Catch the full interview on Tuesday's "TMZ Live."

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