Elon MuskHad Twins with One of His Execs ...According to New Report


9:25 AM PT -- 7/7 -- Elon just seemingly confirmed the news himself, tweeting out, "Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis. A collapsing birth rate is the biggest danger civilization faces by far."


Elon Muskreportedly had twins on the low last year with a woman who is running one of his companies ... making him a father to at least 9 kids.

Elon had twins with Shivon Zilis -- a top executive at Neuralink, the brain chip company Musk co-founded and chairs -- according to an Insider report, and court docs filed in Texas.

The twins were born in November, and the timing is interesting ... because only a few weeks later in December, Elon and Grimes welcomed their second baby via surrogate.

No word on the twins' first names, but court docs were reportedly filed earlier this year by Elon and Shivon requesting the children's names be changed to include Zilis as a middle name, and Musk as the last. A judge already approved the request.

Elon and Shivon met back in 2015, and she's been rising through the ranks at his companies ... including a stop at Tesla before Neuralink. There's speculation Elon might pick her to run Twitter if his deal to buy the social media giant eventually goes through.

Elon's made a big fuss over the years about declining birth rates, and now he has 9 kids we know about ... including 5 with ex-wife Justine Wilson, 2 with Grimes and now 2 with Shivon.

As we reported, Elon and 4 of his kids recently met Pope Francis at the Vatican.

We reached out to Elon's camp about the twins ... so far no word back.

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'Cheer' Star Jerry HarrisSentenced to 12 Years ...In Child Pornography Case


5:28 AM PT -- 7/7 --Jerry's attorney Todd S. Pugh just released the following statement to TMZ ... "Jeremiah "Jerry" Harris is exceedingly grateful for Judge Shah’s recognition of his humanity, worthiness, rehabilitative potential. While Jerry has a difficult road ahead of him, his uncompromising spirit and strength has carried him through challenging times before. He has nothing but empathy and remorse for the people he has harmed and hopes that [the] proceeding provided them some peace."


In court yesterday, Jerry showed remorse for the crimes he committed, directly addressing the trauma he caused his victims. "I am ashamed as I know that I took advantage of your youth and weakness. I was wrong and selfish. I caused you harm and I do not blame anyone. I regret my decisions and I am deeply sorry."

Jerry Harris, star of Netflix's "Cheer," has just been sentenced to 12 years behind bars in his child pornography case.

Harris was in court for sentencing Wednesday, where a string of his friends and supporters read statements about the disgraced reality star's character. After the lengthy hearing, the judge announced the 12-year sentence.

Fed source tells TMZ … Harris has been ordered into 8 years to pay $35,000 into AVAA crime victims fund, along with court-supervised release after imprisonment.

As we reported, Harris was facing up to 50 years behind bars after pleading guilty to one count of receipt of child pornography, and one count of traveling with the intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct ... federal prosecutors recommended Harris spend 15 years locked away.

The "Cheer" star had been under investigation by the FBI dating back to 2019. Authorities claimed he was soliciting sex from minors at cheer competitions, and coercing teen boys to send inappropriate photos.

He was arrested in September of the following year -- the Netflix series even dove into his arrest during their second season.

Harris' cheerleading coach, Monica Aldama, was completely shocked by the news ... saying, "Our children must be protected from abuse and exploitation, and I'm praying hard for the victims and everyone affected."

He was denied bond while awaiting trial ... prosecutors successfully argued Harris might prey on minors if released on bond, reverting back to the same behavior he once had.

Originally Published -- 7/6 3:06 PM PT

Guess Who ThisBashful GirlTurned Into!

Before this girl in pink turned into an actress and a shining singer, she was just a pre-teen at brunch posing with her mini purse and growing up in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This brunette beauty made her film feature debut in "The New Romantic" starring Jessica Barden, but she's definitely most known for playing the outgoing and extroverted high school girl in a hit drama series, alongside Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart.

Still not sure who this young fashionista turned into? She enjoys sharing her skincare and beauty routine on Instagram with her millions of followers.

Can you guess who she is?

Pau GasolAttempts Ballet W/ Kobe's Daughter... 'We Love You Uncle Pau!'

Instagram / @vanessabryant

How adorable is this ... to celebrate Pau Gasol's 42nd birthday, Vanessa Bryant shared video of the former NBA star trying to do ballet -- with her and Kobe's 5-year-daughter.

It's unclear when the footage was taken ... but Bryant posted the clip Wednesday morning on social media, showing the 7-foot-1 power forward, rocking a 'Kobe 24' T-shirt, trying his hardest to mimic Bianka's dance moves.

It's hilarious! You can even hear Gasol's wife Catherine McDonnell -- who captured the Kodak moment -- laugh at her hubby while giving him some ballet advice.

"Point your toes, pal," McDonnell said.

Despite not having the best technique, Gasol was having a blast with Bianka as they showcased all the moves ... PliΓ©, twirls, and bows.

"Feliz CumpleaΓ±os Hermano!" Bryant said in the caption.

"We love you uncle"

Bryant's oldest daughter, Natalia, also showed Uncle Pau some love on his bday -- sharing IG photos of them at Disneyland and a golf course.

"Happy birthday Uncle Paul," Natalia said, "Best golf buddy by 'par'."

@vanessabryant / Instagram

Gasol, who was close friends with Kobe, spent a ton of time with the late legends' three daughters since the helicopter crash in January 2020, from celebrating the holidays together to shooting hoops at the Lakers facility.

Happy birthday, Pau!


A 2-year-old child was left to fend for himself after both of his parents were killed during Monday's mass shooting at the July 4th parade in Illinois.

37-year-old Kevin McCarthy, and 35-year-old Irina McCarthy, both died after a 21-year-old armed with an assault rifle opened fire on the unsuspecting crowd.

The McCarthy’s son, Aiden, was reportedly separated from his parents and got lost in the chaos.

Apparently, a couple found the young boy in the midst of Monday's mayhem and brought him to the local fire department.

Reports say the 2-year-old was eventually reunited with his grandparents at a hospital.

As we've reported, 7 people have died and at least 30 were injured during Monday’s massacre. The shooter fired off close to 70 rounds.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help support Aiden, who is now without both parents. The creators of the page wrote, "We took him to safety under tragic circumstances, came together to locate his grandparents, and prayed for the safety of his family."

While the page states the boy will now be in the care of his grandparents ... it notes that he will have a long road ahead to heal, find stability, and ultimately navigate life without both parents

'90 DAY FIANCE'S' PAUL STAEHLEReturned Home After Missing Person's Report ...Son Taken By Child Services

Paul Staehle and his 3-year-old son Pierre have safely returned home to Kentucky after a police bulletin reported them missing last week, TMZ has learned.

'The 90 Day FiancΓ©' star tells TMZ ... he drove back to the Louisville area on Saturday with Pierre, and the two met with Paul's parents at a park.

Paul said he turned Pierre over to his parents because he didn't want to deal with all the drama involving Child Protective Services.

He says he needs more time to process the legal situation engulfing him, his ex-wife Karine Martins and their 2 young kids, Ethan and Pierre.

After they were reported missing, Paul denied kidnapping Pierre and going on the lam with him, insisting they had been on a long work trip together since early June.

Paul's parents contacted CPS officials, who picked up Pierre and reunited him with 1-year-old Ethan at a foster home.

As we’ve reported, Paul and Karine lost custody of their children to CPS after videos surfaced of the couple's abusive relationship dating back to 2010, when they were featured on the show.

Paul's parents are now seeking full custody of the kids and plan to duke it out with the authorities in family court.

A rep for Louisville Police Department confirmed to TMZ ... Pierre was located and is safe, and the Missing Person’s report had been closed on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

'9-1-1: LONE STAR' ACTORTyler Sanders Died From Apparent Overdose

Tyler Sanders' death is being treated as a suspected overdose ... sources connected to the death investigation tell TMZ.

We're told Tyler, who had roles in big shows like "9-1-1: Lone Star" and "Fear the Walking Dead," had a history of drug use and cops found a plastic straw and white powder in the room where he died.

TMZ broke the story ... 18-year-old Tyler was found dead June 16 in his Los Angeles home.

Our sources say Tyler's friends called police to conduct a welfare check because they had not heard from him following a night out ... and that's what led to his body being discovered.

Tyler was laid to rest in Houston ... and someone who attended the funeral tells us Tyler's dad, David Sanders, delivered the eulogy and told the crowd Tyler died of an apparent drug overdose.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We're told Tyler started battling depression when he began filming '9-1-1' and his father repeated some of Tyler's own words at his funeral, talking about how Tyler's brain was wired to where he could not feel happiness.

An official cause of death for Tyler will be determined by the coroner once toxicology reports come back in 4 to 6 months.

Josh DuggarUnder Military-Style ExpectationsWhile Doing His Time

Josh Duggar is set to spend the next 12 years of his life behind bars, and while it was assumed it wouldn't be easy ... we have details now on just how strict his prison day-to-day will actually be.

Duggar is expected to keep his cell and surrounding area squeaky clean -- he'll need to have his bed made military-style by 7:30 AM on weekdays -- as well as complete daily chores that include sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning walls and emptying the trash.

While he's serving his sentence in a low-security prison, the strict conduct rules also state inmates must stop all loud talking, card, domino and game playing at 9:15 PM. Prisoners must return to their rooms by 11 PM and all noise, including TVs, must be off by midnight.

The facility, the Federal Correctional Institution in Seagoville, Texas ... issues each inmate a set of 5 shirts, 5 sets of underwear, 1 pair of shoes, 5 pairs of trousers, 1 belt and 5 pairs of socks that must remain clean and tagged with the inmate name and registrar number ... or the inmate faces discipline.

There are also jobs available around the prison -- like painting, welding, landscape detail and food service.

TMZ broke the story ... once he does get out, Duggar will be under 20 years of supervision -- and he's banned from pornography, and will need permission to see his own minor children.

Bam MargeraNo Word From Son or Estranged Wife... Lawyers Up For Custody

Bam Margera's emotional split from his estranged wife lead to him fleeing rehab -- but since he's gone back, he hasn't heard a peep from her or their child ... so he's hired an attorney.

Sources close to the 'Jackass' star tell TMZ ... Bam's estranged wife, Nikki Boyd, has made no attempt to speak to him directly or return his phone calls, only speaking to his team about child support and custody regarding their son, Phoenix Wolf.

We're told Bam has now hired a family law attorney to help him visit his son. Our sources say, in the past, Bam had been trying on his own to work out a visitation schedule.

Bam's new family law attorney will be working on hammering out a custody agreement with Nikki's lawyer, David Glass, so Bam can see their son.

Nikki and Phoenix are back in California while Bam is in a Florida treatment center due to his court-ordered rehab -- and the distance doesn't seem to be helping their communication.

Remember, Nikki filed docs in Los Angeles seeking full custody of Phoenix, and only wants Bam to have supervised visitation.

Our sources say Bam's recent disappearance from rehab was spurred by the fact he hasn't been able to see his kid, coupled with a belief Nikki's moved on. Nikki however, claimed when he was missing the 2nd time that she's been nothing but supportive of Bam -- even moving from California to FL to be closer to him ... and she thinks she's been unfairly blamed for his exit.

We're told Bam has been very upset, and no longer wants to try to make things work with Nikki. His only focus is on seeing his son, and he's worried he'll never see him again.

Nikki's attorney tells us she's been waiting to hear from Bam's new treatment facility to begin communication -- as is usually standard procedure. Glass says he's also waiting to hear from Bam's attorney to work on setting up time for Bam to see Phoenix.

'90 Day Fiance's' Paul StaehleDenies He & Son Pierre are 'Missing'... Heading Back from Trip

Paul Staehle and his young son, Pierre, were reported missing this week -- alarming fans who've followed his story ... but the guy says it's a big misunderstanding.

The "90 Day Fiance" star tells TMZ ... he's aware he and his 3-year-old have officially been reported as MIA in Louisville, KY -- made public in a since-deleted bulletin posted by Missing People in America -- but denies he's kidnapped and fled with his own kid ... saying they were simply on a long work trip together dating back to early June, and that Pierre is safe.

Paul -- who says he's had, in recent months, sole custody of his 2 children, Pierre and Ethan, whom he shares with ex-wife, Karine Martins -- explains that he's been bouncing around these past few weeks between Pennsylvania and FL with Pierre, as PS seeks work.

The reason he brought Pierre with him for this journey, he says, is because the kid suffers from extreme separation anxiety. Since they left, though, local CPS officials have taken custody of his other son (who was staying with Paul's mom, we're told) ... and then filed a missing person's report with cops. Louisville Metro PD confirms to TMZ they took the report.

As for what's going to happen now ... Paul tells us he and Pierre are heading back to Louisville STAT to deal with this mess, and he hopes to regain custody of his children on his own or through his folks by going to court, which he says he'll do in the coming weeks.

As for why he's even dealing with custody issues in the first place ... well, '90 Day' fans are probably well aware of his and Karine's tumultuous relationship dating back to the 2010s -- when they were on the show -- which has only gotten more volatile after tying the knot.

The most recent hiccup between them went down last year, when video purportedly showed Karine being abusive to Paul ... on the heels of a reported divorce filing. Unclear where things stand now, but it appears the powers that be have stepped in over their kids -- who are alleged to have been present during some of the dust-ups between the parents.

As for Karine, she issued a statement on the matter ... in Portuguese.

Elon MuskHere I Am with the Pope ...Wearing a Terrible Suit!!!

Elon Musk resurfaced on Twitter in a big way ... this time with a pic of someone arguably more famous than him -- the Pope!!!

There's Elon at the Vatican, mugging with Pope Francis and 4 of his 7 kids, saying "Honored to meet @Pontifex yesterday," adding, "My suit is tragic."

Here's what's interesting ... Elon's talked in the past that he's an atheist -- nevertheless, the Pope is the Pope so no reason not to shake hands and have a chat.

One of the kids who did not attend -- Vivian Jenna Wilson, previously known as Xavier, who announced a few weeks back she's a transgender woman and wants no relationship whatsoever with her dad.

As for Elon's religious history ... he was not raised a Catholic, although he did attend Anglican Sunday School. He has said in the past he is not Christian.

He seems to embrace elements of Christianity, once saying "I agree with the principles that Jesus advocated. There's some great wisdom in the teachings of Jesus, and I agree with those teachings," adding, "Things like 'turn the other cheek' are very important, as opposed to 'an eye for an eye'. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind."

RihannaI'm Here For A$AP Rocky Show ...First Official Outing Since Giving Birth

Rihanna made her first official outing since becoming a mom, venturing out across the pond to support the new father and her partner, A$AP Rocky.

RiRi surfaced Friday at Wireless Fest in London, weaving her way through the crowd with her security detail as Rocky was performing on stage. She looks a little annoyed ... but that might have to do with the screaming fans surrounding her.

Rihanna was wearing a black puffy jacket, Cuban link chain, hoop earrings and black leggings.

She was spotted in L.A. getting on a private jet for the U.K. with baby in tow, so looks like the whole fam is there.

TMZ broke the story ... Rihanna and Rocky's little baby boy was born on May 13 in Los Angeles.

Remember ... Rihanna and A$AP announced her pregnancy back in January with a photo shoot in New York City, and RiRi proudly showed off her baby bump over the remainder of her pregnancy.

We last saw Rihanna on May 19 in L.A., when she left her home and climbed into the back of an SUV ... but this is a much bigger return to the public spotlight.

Miles Bridges' WifePosts Disturbing Injury Photos... After Alleged Attack

The mother of Miles Bridges' two children just shared several disturbing images of the injuries she claims to have suffered at the hands of the NBA forward ... saying she sustained a fractured nose and wrist, a severe concussion and more.

"I hate that it has come to this but I can't be silent anymore," Mychelle Johnson said in an Instagram post on Thursday. "I've allowed someone to destroy my home, abuse me in every way possible and traumatize our kids for life."

TMZ Sports broke the story -- Bridges was arrested for felony domestic violence on Wednesday ... after Johnson claims they got in an argument that turned physical.

The woman's identity was not revealed at the time, but Johnson is now breaking her silence on the alleged incident ... and her version of the story is troubling.

Mychelle says Miles choked her until she went to sleep ... tearing muscles in her neck in the process.

The photos appear to show various marks and bruises on different parts of Johnson's body -- including her face, arms, legs, neck, hands, wrists and back.

Johnson also appeared to share her medical forms from the emergency room ... where the diagnosis is listed as "Adult victim of physical abuse by male partner."

The form states Johnson suffered "Assault by strangulation, brain concussion, closed fracture of nasal bone, contusion of rib, multiple bruises, strain of neck muscle."

"I don't need sympathy," Johnson added. "I just don't want this happening to anyone else, I just want this person to get help, my kids deserve better."

"That's all I want. It hurts, everything hurts, this situation hurts, most importantly I'm scared and hurting for my kids who were witness to everything."

Along with the alleged injury photos, Johnson also posted a video where their son recounts the alleged attack on his mom.

Johnson and Bridges first started dating around 2016 ... and have two young children together. There are reports the couple is married.

Instagram / @brandon_cavanaugh_

Bridges -- who has not addressed the allegations -- was booked and released Wednesday afternoon ... and resurfaced on Thursday at a basketball workout.

Bridges is coming off the best season of his career ... and was expected to be a top target in free agency.

The Charlotte Hornets released a statement ... saying the team is aware of the situation and gathering information.

Ghislaine MaxwellMust Stay Away From Kids ...After Serving Prison Sentence

Ghislaine Maxwell can't go anywhere near kids after she serves her prison sentence in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case ... at least for the 5 years she's on supervised release.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ, Maxwell's supervised release calls for some pretty serious restrictions once she's out from behind bars in about 20 years, with a heavy emphasis on keeping her away from minors.

Maxwell can't have any deliberate contact with anyone under the age of 18, unless she gets prior approval from the U.S. Probation Office ... and she can't loiter within 100 feet of places regularly frequented by minors, such as schoolyards, playgrounds and arcades.

In addition, Maxwell can't view and/or access any web profile of a user under the age of 18 ... social networking sites, chat rooms, community portals, etc. ... unless she secures prior approval from her probation officer.

The guardrails are in place for a reason ... Maxwell was found guilty by a New York jury on 5 of the 6 counts she faced in her sex trafficking trial, including a conviction on one count of sex trafficking a minor.

Remember ... Maxwell stood accused of soliciting and grooming minors for abuse and sex crimes at the hands of Epstein between 1994 and 2004, with 4 women testifying during her trial Maxwell sometimes even joined in on the abuse.

60-year-old Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years behind bars, plus 5 years of supervised release once she's out ... and she will enter a sex-offender treatment program once she's back in society.

War In UkraineSummer Camp for Child Refugees... Helping Offset Trauma


A brand new summer camp in Ukraine is going strong even though the war rages on ... and it's all about giving the kids something to look forward to in uncertain times.

Co-founders Yulia Grechka and Oxana Volzhina joined us on "TMZ Live" to talk about their summer program, the 7Fields Eco Camp -- located in a safe part of the region of Kyiv.

The mental toll put on the children of Ukraine has been overwhelming ever since Russia began invading their borders -- Yulia and Oxana knew something had to be done.

Their camp aims to provide 300 refugee kids with fun activities and psychological aid at no cost to the families before the summer's over. They've been working educational programs into the camp's activities, too -- the older children will be able to attend anti-corruption lectures.

Since the camp is free, the team is looking to get donations for the program ... those chipping in will get a letter sent to them, with info about the child they helped give a memorable summer to.

With tomorrow being uncertain for Ukrainians, Yulia and Oxana hope to give children the hope that a bright future is coming.

Guess Who ThisFashionistaTurned Into!

Before this dashing youngster turned into a world-renowned supermodel, she was just a photogenic kid posing with her hair blowing in the wind and growing up in Beverly Hills.

Aside from having two famous parents, this brunette beauty is most known for modeling all across the world, and she has recently been posing with her famous momma for her iconic lip beauty line.

When she's not hoppin' on private jets and showing you her perfectly bleached blonde eyebrows, you can probably find her gracing her presence on the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.'

Can you guess who she is?

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