Prince HarryI Had No ClueQueen's Staff Cut My Security

Prince Harry claims he was not aware that some folks in the Royal Household had a hand in ending his police protection during a recent trip to the U.K. ... and he's pissed about it.

The Duke of Sussex and his team fired back at royal officials in a hearing Thursday ... saying he should've been aware that some of the Queen's aides were involved in the decision given the fact there were tensions between him and some royal officials.

In case you didn't know -- Prince Harry, who now lives in California, is suing for taking away his personal security during visits to the U.K. He claims it's not safe for him, Meghan Markle, or their two children to return to Britain because it's too dangerous without security help.

His lawyer, Shaheed Fatima, says ... "there were significant tensions between the claimant [Prince Harry] and certain people."

You'll recall ... Harry and his family flew to the U.K. last month to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Though the tension was obviously high between Prince Harry, Meghan and some other royal family members -- he was reportedly assured he'd have police protection.

Israel AdesanyaBlasts Chris Pratt Over UFC 276 Barbs... 'You're Just A Fan'

Israel Adesanya is taking aim at Chris Prattafter the actor criticized him for his performance at UFC 276 ... calling the 'Jurassic World' star "just some fan" and sharing a video of him getting hit in the mouth.

Adesanya unleashed the clap back on his Twitter page early Wednesday morning -- nearly four days after Pratt said he was underwhelmed by the fighter's effort against Jared Cannonier on Saturday night.

"Good morning," Adesanya wrote while sharing a video of Pratt getting smacked by a keyboard in the famous Angelina Jolie flick, "Wanted."

"I’m the man. You’re just some fan."

Pratt initially kicked off the unlikely beef following Adesanya's win over Cannonier, saying on a post-fight show that he wasn't impressed by the way the MMA star fought after days of trash talk.

β€œI don't know this game -- I'm just an actor, but I'm not a fan, man," Pratt said. "I’m not a fan of coming out like all that talk, and then just kind of putting on a little bit of a pitter-patter. I’m like, 'C’mon, man. You’ve got to cash on that promise of being so badass.'"

Of course, Adesanya clearly isn't all that bothered by Pratt's barbs ... the 23-1 fighter was seen partying his ass off without a care in the world at XS Nightclub in Vegas following his big win.


We're told Adesanya -- alongside Alexander Volkanovski,Nate Diaz, "Rampage" Jackson, Kamaru Usman, and Francis Ngannou -- celebrated for a while at the venue ... and even rubbed elbows with Bengals superstar Joe Burrow.

Jake PaulTommy Fury Fight Is Off!!!... Claims Boxer 'Went Into Hiding'


8:10 AM PT -- Tommy Fury just released a statement on the fight ... saying, "I'm gutted and disappointed in regards to the issues I have faced with entry into the USA."


"This is something that myself or my team could have never anticipated happening. This situation has been left with my lawyers as being denied entry to a country is obviously a very serious issue and it needs to subsequently be resolved."


Despite Paul's claim, Fury says he's confident the match will still happen once his status is resolved.


"I want to clarify that I will fight in a neutral country that both parties can enter. This can be any time, any place, any where."

The Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight has been shelved once again -- the Problem Child says he's officially moving on to a new opponent for his Aug. 6 event ... accusing TNT of going into hiding.

"Fury's received a termination notice," Paul said on Wednesday. "(Most Valuable Promotions) did everything it could 2 help him & team. He wasn't interested & he literally went into hiding."

"2nd time in a row he has pulled out. 2nd time in a row '’m going to step up & take on a new opponent on short notice."


As we previously reported, Fury was denied access to the U.S. for the fight press conference in New York City last week due to his family's ties to alleged crime boss Daniel Kinahan.

We're told boxers, managers or anyone connected to Kinahan or his MTK Global boxing company has been rejected from entering the States as officials try to get any possible information on his whereabouts.

Twitter / @jakepaul

Jake, however, doesn't believe the excuse ... saying all Tommy had to do was go to the embassy to get a visa, but was dragging his feet to get it done.

Now, there are rumblings Paul will face off against 12-1 Hasim Rahman Jr. -- the son of former boxing champ Hasim Rahman.

HRJ hasn't fought any big names, and most recently lost to James McKenzie Morrison via knockout in April.

There's history between Paul and Rahman Jr. -- the two have sparred together several times in the past ... with "Gold Blooded" praising the YouTube superstar for his improvement over the years.

Rahman Jr. may not have as much clout as Fury ... but the matchup will certainly quiet the haters who have called out Paul for never facing a "legit" boxer.

Originally Published -- 6:38 AM PT

Canelo AlvarezGGG's An 'A**hole'... I'm Knockin' Him Out!!!


It's clear Canelo Alvarez doesn't like Gennady Golovkin ... 'cause the boxing star tells TMZ Sports GGG is a straight-up "a**hole" who talks too much -- and he's planning to KO the guy because of it.

"He's a f***ing a**hole," Canelo said of his upcoming September opponent. "He's not honest. He pretends to be a good person and be different but he's not."

Canelo says his opinion of Golovkin basically boils down to this -- he believes the 42-1-1 boxer is just flat-out two-faced.

"He talks a lot of s*** about me," Alvarez said. "He'll say, 'I respect him, his career.' And, other part, 'He's an embarrassing boxer, he's embarrassing for Mexican boxing.'"

"I hate that motherf***er because of that."


Earlier this week, GGG told us he knew Canelo felt that way about him ... but he believed it was because the 57-2-2 fighter can't handle his honesty.

The beef will all be settled on Sept. 17 in Las Vegas when the two square off for the third time in their careers ... and, according to Canelo, he'll get the last laugh.

"My goal is to end this fight before the 12 rounds," Canelo said.

After that, Canelo said he'd like a rematch with Dmitry Bivol -- the only boxer he's ever lost to outside of Floyd Mayweather.

"I'm 100% focused on this fight [with Golovkin] because it's a dangerous fight," Canelo said, "but 100% looking for a second fight with Bivol."

September can't come soon enough!

Justin Timberlake'20/20 Experience' Doc Director Sues... Show Me MY Money!!!

Justin Timberlake's deal to make a documentary about his blockbuster album "The 20/20 Experience" isn't sitting well with the project's director, who's now suing JT for years of hard work ... according to a new lawsuit.

The singer is being sued by John Urbano, who claims JT recruited him back in 2012 to shoot and edit a documentary film about the making of his third studio album.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Urbano claims Justin proposed an arrangement where he would share profits from the film with Urbano instead of paying him his normal fee -- but Justin shelved the doc, which is why the director feels he got the shaft.

Urbano claims he filmed Justin for a total of 60 days all across the world and spent about 2,500 hours editing the footage into a documentary titled, "The Making of The 20/20 Experience."

The director says if he had been paid on the front end for the project, his filming and editing fees would have reached $2,450,000 ... but he says the only money he's seen out of Justin is a modest $20,000 upfront fee, plus reimbursements for expenses incurred while filming. According to his math, Urbano's been paid just $7 per hour for the project.

Urbano claims Justin was moved by the documentary at first, but after his album became his most successful solo project he lost interest in the doc, which has never been released.

The problem for Urbano ... he says Justin promised to share profits with him, but if the doc sits on a shelf, the promise of a big payday goes out the window.

Urbano claims Justin used his network of agents, managers, and handlers to stop the director from getting paid ... and he wants compensation for an allegedly breached agreement.

The director wants Justin to cough up lots more money, and he also wants a judge to declare he owns all the rights to the documentary.

We reached out to Justin's camp ... so far no word back.

Skylar Diggins-SmithWNBA Star Calls Her Coach A Clown... Over All-Star Comments

Phoenix Mercury star Skylar Diggins-Smith just took a dig at her own head coach -- calling the woman a clown following comments she made on the WNBA's newly-announced All-Star rosters.

Vanessa Nygaard made the remarks on Wednesday -- the day after the WNBA All-Star starters and reserves were announced -- slamming the game's voters for not putting Diggs' teammate, Diana Taurasi, on a roster.

Phoenix Mercury

"I reiterate that she [Diana Taurasi] should be an All-Star," Nygaard said. "There will be a game in Chicago, but it will not be an All-Star game because Diana Taurasi's not playing."

Diggins-Smith -- who signed with the Mercury in 2020 -- caught the clip and was clearly furious over it ... considering she actually had made the roster and is slated to go to the big game.

Diggins-Smith retweeted the video with a 🀑 emoji ... definitely taking the remarks as shade.

Of course, Diggins-Smith and Taurasi have had an icy relationship recently ... just last month, the two got into a heated exchange right on the bench and had to be separated by teammates.

All of this certainly doesn't help the Mercury's chances of turning things around this season -- 'cause the team has already struggled while missing their star Brittney Griner, who's been detained in Russia while facing drug charges.

Austin Butler, Ezra MillerNo Tokyo Bar Fight... Despite Online Claims

Rumors have spread on social media that Austin Butler and Ezra Miller got into a physical altercation overseas ... but TMZ has learned that's nowhere near the truth.

Sources close to Austin tell TMZ the incident never happened, and Austin never even stepped foot in a pub during his time in Japan as the initial claims suggested.

Not to mention, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department tells TMZ they have no record of the incident.

Austin has been in Tokyo recently to promote his new "Elvis" movie as part of his press tour.

The rumor stated Ezra has been "terrorizing Tokyo" ... walking up to Austin in a bar and yelling at him, causing Austin to punch the 'Flash' star.


While this alleged account is untrue, Ezra has been on a violent run recently ... they've been arrested multiple times for assault in Hawaii and might be getting the boot from DCEU's "The Flash" as a result, according to reports.

Xzibit'Pimp My Ride' Beef Can Be Squashed...Cut the Check, Put Me Back in Show!!!


Xzibit is ready to bury the hatchet with MTV parent company Viacom over his "Pimp My Ride" legacy -- but says they first need to acknowledge he got screwed in the first place.

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with the West Coast vet after he unloaded on Viacom, claiming it's essentially erasing him from the show's history, and in the process, digging into his pockets!!!

X to the Z claims Viacom gave him the shaft by cutting his "image and likeness" from the show in order to get around paying him royalties over the years since the show was in production.

He says episodes cut for DVDs and streaming were also re-edited to remove his music, and DVD covers removed his image and likeness. We checked, and that tidbit appears to be true.

Xzibit was in his prime as a rapper when the show was shooting ... laying platinum albums with Dr. Dre and hitting sold-out shows with Eminem and Snoop Dogg, and he says his celebrity boosted the show's visibility.

In the suit, X calls Viacom's actions "petty," but he told us he's willing to move forward and still hopes to conduct business with them down the line.

X is detoxing bad vibes across the board -- he and Dre just won their 2018 lawsuit against ex-cannabis brand investors -- and when it comes to Viacom, he just wants to square their biz dealings.

D.L. HughleyI'm Done Dealing With Mo'Nique... After Contract Feud


D.L. Hughley isn't wasting any more time on Mo'Nique after their public spat over her contract ... even though she's tried to make nice with an apology to his family.

We got D.L. at LAX Wednesday, who not-so-coyly pretended he didn't even know who Mo'Nique was, and claimed he hadn't even heard about last week's apology Mo'Nique offered to D.L.'s daughters and wife.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

If you missed it ... the comedians recently got into a very public feud over who was supposed to headline the Fox Theater in Detroit last month. Mo'Nique felt she hadn't been paid appropriately for the gig ... and things spiraled from there.

After trading digs online, Mo'Nique then posted an old clip of D.L. recounting how he initially didn't believe his daughter when she said she'd been sexually assaulted.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He called Mo'Nique a "monster" and said the character she played in 2009's "Precious" ... earned her an Oscar for "being exactly who you are."

Fast forward to our convo at LAX, D.L. says arguments like the one he had with Mo'Nique aren't worth his time. D.L. recently came back from a comedy benefit show for those affected by the Buffalo shooting, so it appears he's looking at things from a new perspective.

Mo'Nique apologizing isn't looking like a way to heal D.L.'s wound -- he puts it plainly, "My line is my family."

Jake PaulTommy's Dragging Feet To Get To U.S.I Talked To His Lawyers!!!

Twitter / @jakepaul

Jake Paul says Tommy Fury has an easy way to get to the United States, but is moving like molasses to actually make it happen ... claiming TNT is using his travel issues as a reason to back out of their fight.

As we previously reported, Fury posted an Instagram video earlier this week explaining he was denied traveling to the U.S. for Wednesday's press conference for the Paul fight ... saying he had no idea why he wasn't able to make the trip.


TMZ Sports has learned it all stems from the Fury family's ties to MTK Global founder Daniel Kinahan, who's currently under investigation for his alleged involvement in a massive drug operation ... and any boxer, promoter or manager with even the smallest ties to the guy is getting cut off from traveling to the States.

The Problem Child clearly wasn't convinced with the reasoning ... so he took matters into his own hands and called Tommy's lawyers to get to the bottom of it.

"They’re all advising him to just go to the embassy to get his visa," Jake said Wednesday. "That's all he has to do. But, Tommy is showing no urgency. He hasn’t gone yet. He is not communicating with us on what he is doing."

"This is just another case of Tommy Fumbles just being scared to fight me."

Of course, we're told that's not what's happening here -- but Jake goes on to say he believes this is Tommy's way of trying to get the fight location switched to the U.K.

Paul's solution?? He's down to move the fight over to Fury's home turf ... if it comes with a $15 million payday.

In the meantime, Paul has one simple message for Tommy -- "Go to the embassy, get your visa, and let's make this fight happen. Stop ducking me and stop wasting my time."

F1 Champ Nelson PiquetApologizes For Lewis Comment... But I'm No Racist!!!


8:14 AM PT -- Piquet has been banned from visiting the F1 paddock in the future as a result of his comments, according to multiple reports.

Former Formula 1 champ Nelson Piquet is apologizing for the controversial comments he made about Lewis Hamilton in an interview last year ... but claims there was zero racial intent behind his words.

Piquet was discussing an accident between the Mercedes superstar and his daughter's boyfriend, Max Verstappen, after the 2021 Silverstone Grand Prix ... when, according to a translation by CNN Brazil, he referred to Hamilton as a "little n*****."

The 69-year-old says he would never use such a disgusting term ... claiming the translation was completely inaccurate.

"What I said was ill-thought-out, and I make no defense for it, but the term used has widely and historically been used colloquially in Brazilian Portuguese as a synonym for 'guy' or 'person' and was never intended to offend," Piquet said in a statement Wednesday morning.

"I would never use the word I have been accused of in some translations," he added. "I strongly condemn any suggestion word was used with aim of belittling a driver because of his skin color. I apologize wholeheartedly to anyone affected."

Piquet praises Lewis as an incredible driver and apologized for the hurt he caused ... saying, "Discrimination has no place in F1 or society and I am happy to clarify my thoughts in that respect."

Lewis has yet to respond to the apology ... but tweeted a call for change within the sport on Tuesday.

"It’s more than language," the 7-time champion said. "These archaic mindsets need to change and have no place in our sport. I’ve been surrounded by these attitudes and targeted my whole life. There has been plenty of time to learn. Time has come for action."

Originally Published -- 6:58 AM PT

Tommy FuryI Was Denied Entry Into U.S.... Jake Paul Fight In Jeopardy


Tommy Fury's fight with Jake Paul could go up in smoke ... after TNT claims he was denied entry into the United States ahead of their scheduled press conference in New York.

Just when it seemed like the bout was FINALLY going to happen, Tommy shared the crappy news on his Instagram on Tuesday ... saying his team showed up at Heathrow Airport to hop over the pond ... but they were shut down.

"As soon as I entered the airport, I was pulled to one side and told by a Homeland Security officer that my ESTA had been denied and that I wasn't able to travel to the USA for a reason I apparently know," Tommy said in a video.

Tommy, boxing superstar Tyson Fury's younger brother, went on to say he's done nothing wrong ... and claims he's totally dumbfounded as to why he's not allowed to travel to the U.S.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"I've been training for a fight this whole time and that's all I've been doing," Tommy said. "I have no clue why I'm not allowed to travel and neither does my team or my lawyers."

"Now I've got to go to the embassy trying to resolve it and I'm in the middle of training. I don't know why this has happened a huge shock to me and my team."

As we reported, Tommy and Jake agreed to fight each other at the world's most famous arena -- Madison Square Garden -- in NYC on Aug. 6 ... but Tommy says the issues he's currently facing are bigger than the fight.


What's interesting -- Tommy was able to travel to California last month without issue ... something his nemesis pointed out.

Of course, this isn't going to sit well with fans who've been clamoring for the two boxers to fight after years of trash talk and failed negotiations.

The presser between Tommy and Jake was originally scheduled for Wednesday ... but it's been postponed, according to Most Valuable Promotions.

Despite the travel mishap, Jake isn't letting Tommy off the hook easily ... tweeting, "Tommy, no matter how hard u try to get out of this fight, I'm going 2 do everything in my power 2 not let u weasel ur way out."

"My team & my partners have made it clear the steps u need to take 2 solve ur latest excuse. Take them or admit ur a scared little bitch."

AEW's Jake AtlasDomestic Violence Case Dropped

AEW star Jake Atlas is breathing easier today ... his domestic violence case has been dropped, TMZ Sports has learned.

According to court documents, a month after Atlas was arrested for allegedly scratching his boyfriend following an altercation in Orlando, officials said they were declining to prosecute the 27-year-old.

"From the investigation which has been made," officials wrote in docs that were filed last week, "it is the opinion of the writer that this case is not suitable for prosecution."

Court records show a hearing in the case that had been slated for Tuesday has been canceled, and the matter is considered closed.

As we reported, Atlas -- real name Kenny Sanchez Martinez -- had been hit with a misdemeanor domestic battery charge after he allegedly got physical with his BF on May 23.

The two, according to police documents, quarreled over a sexual encounter. Atlas had been accused of scratching his boyfriend and tearing the man's tank top during the tiff.

We've reached out to prosecutors for comment, but so far, no word back yet. Atlas' attorneys, meanwhile, declined to comment on the case.

Atlas -- who is openly gay -- wrestled in the WWE from 2019 to 2021. He went on to wrestle with AEW in late 2021, but suffered a significant knee injury in Jan. 2022 and has not returned to the ring since.

Rudy GiulianiGrocery 'Assault' Caught on Security CamSuspect Charged With Misdemeanors


10:03 AM PT -- The suspect, Daniel Gill, was charged with three misdemeanors - assault, menacing and harassment. According to the criminal complaint, obtained by TMZ, Giuliani told prosecutors Gill made him "stumble forward." Giuliani said this caused "physical injury including but not limited to redness, swelling, and substantial pain to the back and left side of his body, as well as causing informant to be placed in fear of physical injury, and becoming alarmed and annoyed."


8:02 AM PT -- A law enforcement source directly involved in the investigation reacted to the surveillance video, telling TMZ ... "Much ado about nothing it seems. It was a pat. This whole thing is a stretch."

Rudy Giuliani's alleged felony assault in a grocery store was captured on surveillance video, and ... let's just say it's not as violent as Rudy made it out to be.

The video captured the moment, Sunday in a Staten Island ShopRite ... an employee came up from behind the former NYC Mayor, and you definitely see him slap Giuliani on the back and then exchange some words.

As we reported, the suspect said "What's up, scumbag?" as he struck Giuliani ... and you can tell from the video the guy's slap and choice words irked, not only Giuliani, but the team of people around him. Giuliani told the NY Post he felt a "tremendous pain" in his back, and the guy was yelling at him about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

The suspect was arrested for felony assault -- it's a felony because Rudy is over 65.


Although Giuliani said he was nearly knocked to the ground ... it doesn't appear that way in the video. Now, Donald Trump's ex-attorney is calling for the suspect to get jail time. During a news conference he said, "He hit me to knock me down and if that doesn't merit jail time in New York, we're in the wild wild west."

Giuliani, who is 78 years old, says any fall is potentially fatal at his age -- "It was a very, very heavy shot. He could have easily hit me, knocked me to the ground and killed me."

Ryan GarciaI'm Gonna KO Tank Davis Next Fight... 'Put You To Sleep!'


After Ryan Garcia beats Javier Fortuna next month, the young boxing superstar tells TMZ Sports his sole focus will be boxing Gervonta 'Tank' Davis ... and he says he's putting him to sleep!

"That fight will not go the distance. No way possible can it go the distance. I will not let Gervonta Davis off the hook," Garcia said about the potential super fight with Tank.

"I'm gonna beat your ass. I promise that -- I will whoop your ass and I will put you to sleep!

And, Garcia's clearly dead serious ... warning 27-0 (25 KOs) Tank not to let his IG fame fool him, 'cause at the end of the day -- despite his 8+ million followers and funny clips -- he's still a 22-0 boxer.

"Just know that there's a lot more than meets the eye with me. Don't think I'm soft," Garcia said.

"You come find out and actually make that decision to fight me, you'll find out real soon there's nothing soft about me."

Of course, the 23-year-old lightweight has to get through Fortuna (37-3, 26 KOs) first -- that bout is set to go down on July 16th at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles (it's airing on DAZN).

"He's an ex-world champion. He's a veteran," Garcia said about Fortuna.

"But, the fact that I'm coming into, I feel my prime and my best ability skillfully and mentally, I feel like this will be a short night for Javier Fortuna."

Garcia added one last thing, "I just know I'm gonna fight Tank after I beat Fortuna."

Ryan's ready to give the fans what they want!!

Roddy RicchKanye Sessions Unpredictable …Pack a Bag, Jet Sets A LOT!!!

Roddy Ricch is shaking off the sophomore slump of his last album with a new EP titled "The Big 3" -- and has plenty of wild stories to share about making it.

During a new interview with DJ Hed and Chuck Dizzle for HomeGrownRadio, Roddy discussed making up with Kanye after he had the cojones to publicly diss Ye’s Grammy piss stunt back in 2020.

The 2 made up to record the β€œDonda” track β€œPure Souls” and Roddy says the creative process was so unpredictable, one minute they’d be in the studio … then Arizona, Chicago -- basically anywhere a private jet could land.

Roddy also shared how he hilariously put Ye into a music-making frenzy -- fresh off a plane without any relaxation time -- while others, like Lil Baby, hinted Roddy should walk on eggshells around him.

RR did admit his last album, β€œLive Life Fast,” slowed him down a bit, but he’s ready to get back into a groove and even pondered making a DJ Mustard-produced album.

Waiting for your permission to load Spotify album.

Cool sidenote: Roddy says his music once gained the respect of Apple CEO Tim Cook! Check out his β€œThe Big 3” EP to see if he earns yours. 😎

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