'One Tree Hill' Bevin PrinceHusband Dies After Being Struck by Lightning

"One Tree Hill" star Bevin Prince is suffering through the devastating loss of her husband, who was struck by lightning.

According to a local report, William Friend was near Masonboro Island in North Carolina over the weekend when he was hit by a lightning strike. Friend, the CEO of Bisnow, a digital media company, was only 33 years old.

NBC affiliate WECT says deputies performed CPR on Friend at the scene for 20 minutes, but the life-saving efforts weren't enough ... he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bevin and William married in 2016, the pair owned a fitness business in North Carolina.

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A release from Bisnow read, in part, "Friends and former colleagues marveled at Friend's ability and willingness to take on new challenges — whether or not he was ready. He demonstrated that tenacity at an early age."

Bevin was a regular on "One Tree Hill" ... appearing in episodes from 2003 to 2012.

Travis ScottFires Back at Astroworld Victim Attorney ...I Was Trying to Keep Fans Safe at Coney Show!!!


8:53 AM PT -- A rep for Travis tells TMZ, "This is the despicable, cynical height of hypocrisy. It’s beyond disappointing to see that - in a desperate bid to influence potential jurors – plaintiffs’ legal team is criticizing Travis for pausing Monday’s Coney Island show to ensure that fans can have fun safely. This is exactly the wrong message to send to fans - and to artists. And it completely ignores the fact that Travis also stopped his performance at Astroworld three different times.”

Travis Scott stopping a concert for a rowdy crowd is backfiring -- 'cause the family of one of the Astroworld victims thinks it shows him picking and choosing when he puts fan safety first.

Alex Hilliard, an attorney representing Ezra Blount's family, tells TMZ ... Scott's actions at the July 4 Coney Island show don't prove the rapper is compassionate and willing to keep order. If anything, it depicts the exact opposite ... at least according to the lawyer.


Hillard says, "He knows exactly how to keep his fans safe during a concert, but the problem with that is he didn't just learn about the fact that he has control over the entire crowd."

His implication is Travis has known he wields this power all along, including at Astroworld, but simply refused to exercise it to settle things down. Travis has denied that.

Hillard goes on -- "There are 10 people that would still be alive today, including young Ezra Blount, if Travis realized his responsibility as an artist goes further than just trying to rile up his crowds, and it reemphasizes the rule of 'if you see something say something.'"

In the immediate aftermath of the Coney Island performance, one of Travis's reps came out and said ... "Travis is committed to doing his part to ensure events are as safe as possible so that fans can have fun," adding that he encouraged fans to listen to security so everyone could be safe and enjoy themselves.

It might leave TS feeling like he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't -- but Hillard just isn't buying the compassionate Trav version of events.

He hits back rather fiercely ... telling us, "The problem Mr. Scott has is his when we call him to the stand to swear him in and cross-examine him the judge will not allow his paid spokesperson to sit in the witness chair and answer questions for him."

As you know ... Travis is still tied to several lawsuits that have accused him of being liable for the deaths at Astroworld Fest. All that litigation is still working its way through the courts, and he has yet to be dropped from any of those suits ... despite having asked.

Prince HarryI Had No ClueQueen's Staff Cut My Security

Prince Harry claims he was not aware that some folks in the Royal Household had a hand in ending his police protection during a recent trip to the U.K. ... and he's pissed about it.

The Duke of Sussex and his team fired back at royal officials in a hearing Thursday ... saying he should've been aware that some of the Queen's aides were involved in the decision given the fact there were tensions between him and some royal officials.

In case you didn't know -- Prince Harry, who now lives in California, is suing for taking away his personal security during visits to the U.K. He claims it's not safe for him, Meghan Markle, or their two children to return to Britain because it's too dangerous without security help.

His lawyer, Shaheed Fatima, says ... "there were significant tensions between the claimant [Prince Harry] and certain people."

You'll recall ... Harry and his family flew to the U.K. last month to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Though the tension was obviously high between Prince Harry, Meghan and some other royal family members -- he was reportedly assured he'd have police protection.

Cowboys' Leighton Vander EschFeeds Wild Bear On Fishing Trip... Intense Video!!!

Instagram / @vander_esch38

Here's something we're sure Jerry Jonesisn't exactly thrilled to see ...

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch straight up fed a fish to a wild bear on a vacation this weekend ... and video of the feeding is intense!!

LVE -- the Cowboys' first-round pick back in 2018 -- was on a fishing trip with his family and friends for the Fourth of July holiday ... when a wild bear showed up, and Vander Esch apparently decided it'd be a good idea to throw a fish its way.

Video shows the 26-year-old football star holding up the snack -- as the bear edged closer and closer to him.

Suddenly, the bear raised up -- 'causing a tense few moments -- but, fortunately for Vander Esch and all of Cowboys nation, it took the fish politely without incident.

Vander Esch's teammate, Dalton Schultz, couldn't believe the vid ... writing on the LB's social media page, "DUDE 🤯."

But, Vander Esch clearly believed it was no big deal ... confirming he kept all his fingers and limbs -- and had a hell of a weekend trip.

"Not often you get to feed a wild bear and get a picture with two sturgeon in the same frame," Vander Esch said as a caption on the vid. "Amazing weekend with family making memories that will last a lifetime!"


Highland Park ShootingAlleged Gunman's FatherSponsored Him for Gun Permit in 2019

The alleged Highland Park shooter appears to have slipped through the cracks that Congress recently tried patching up with new gun legislation ... with his dad helping him to obtain a gun, even with a ton of warning signs he wasn't fit to own one.

Authorities say Robert Crimo received help from his father in obtaining a gun permit in 2020, who allegedly sponsored his then 19-year-old son for a FOID (firearm owners identification) card, which he needed to buy the semi-automatic weapon, despite alarming incidents just months earlier.

Authorities revealed Tuesday that they’d had a couple run-ins with Crimo in 2019 — one in which he threatened to kill himself, and another where he threatened to kill his own family. Cops say the latter resulted in him having multiple weapons (knives) temporarily taken by law enforcement after his parents refused to press charges and Crimo told them he wasn't a danger to himself and others.

Cops say Crimo was able to get his hands on the weapon used in Monday’s killing because there was technically no reason to deny him. No charges had been filed from the 2019 incidents — which might’ve otherwise barred him — and the only thing on his record in 2020 was a minor ordinance violation.

Plus, he had his old man’s sign-off … nothing outwardly stood out, at least on paper, telling anyone not to treat him like anyone else. Of course, there have also been reports of his disturbing social media activity -- which some say should've been caught and flagged, but wasn't. Sadly, all of this seems to have led to a massive tragedy … leaving at least 7 dead and several others injured.

Crimo’s parents issued a statement, saying they empathized with everyone affected and that their thoughts and prayers were with the victims’ families.


This exact type of scenario — where Crimo was able to legally purchase a weapon despite the past incidents — is one that a gun safety bill that President Biden just signed into law is supposed to address and fix.

The bipartisan effort significantly tightens up red flag laws and background checks for would-be gun buyers … and if mental health issues are found, it disqualifies that person. It seems the bill was too late though — Crimo apparently had this gun for a couple years before allegedly carrying out his act.

As we reported, Crimo was on the run for a bit in the immediate aftermath of the shooting ... that is, until cops tracked him down and made an arrest. He faces 7 counts of first-degree murder and several other charges ... Crimo is scheduled to appear in court this week.

Michael Jackson3 Songs Pulled From Streaming ...Debate Rages Over Legitimacy of MJ Vocals

Is it Michael or a Michael imposter? That ongoing debate about 3 of Michael Jackson's posthumously released songs is behind the sudden disappearance of the tracks from major streaming services.

The songs -- "Monster," "Keep Your Head Up" and "Breaking News" -- were all on the "Michael" album, released in 2010 ... the year after Jackson's death. But, ever since they came out some fans, and even Michael's family members, have questioned whether they feature legit MJ vocals.

The songs vanished from Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal streaming services last week, which many fans saw as confirmation that's not really MJ singing on them -- however, a rep for the official MJ website says that's not exactly the case.

The rep confirms the songs "are no longer being made available by Sony Music for purchase or streaming but I should point out that the removal of these three songs has nothing to do with their authenticity. The Estate and Sony Music believe the continuing conversation about the tracks is distracting the fan community and casual Michael Jackson listeners from focusing their attention where it should be -- on Michael’s legendary and deep music catalog."

One fan who probably isn't buying that explanation is Vera Serova, who filed a lawsuit in 2014, accusing Sony Music, the Jackson Estate and the producers of the songs of lying to consumers. She lost the case in 2018, but is now appealing to California's Supreme Court.

The Estate tells TMZ ... taking down the songs was "the simplest and best way to move beyond the conversation associated with these tracks once and for all." Instead, the Estate wants fans to focus on the Tony-winning Broadway production, "MJ: The Musical" and other projects celebrating his catalog. The rep added, "Nothing should be read into this action concerning the authenticity of the tracks."

For what it's worth, Michael's mother, sisterLa Toya and his kids, Paris and Prince ... have all questioned the legitimacy of the vocals on the tracks.

Brad PittSuffers from Face BlindnessSays People Hate Him for It

Brad Pitt has pissed off a lot of people, so he says, because he fails to recognize them ... but Brad says he believes he suffers from a medical condition called face blindness.

Brad has talked about this struggle in the past ... he just can't recognize people by looking at their faces -- even family members.

The condition is called prosopagnosia ... in lay terms, face blindness. About 2 and a half percent of the population suffers from it in varying degrees. Some researchers have theorized the condition is brought on by underdevelopment in the womb.

Brad has said over the years he's taken a lot of heat by people who felt he was aloof and self-absorbed ... because he didn't care enough about other people to remember them. Brad tells GQ, "Nobody believes me!"

The 58-year-old actor says he's never gone for an official diagnosis, but he's confident he has the condition.

As for how people with the affliction deal ... they use other markers to ID friends, family and associates ... it could be the way they walk, their voice, etc.

Brad told Esquire back in 2013, "So many people hate me because they think I'm disrespecting them."

Brad was brutally honest about lots of things in the interview, including the heartache he felt after the collapse of his marriage to Angelina Jolie and the bitter divorce that followed. He said, "I think all our hearts are broken ... I always felt very alone in my life, alone growing up as a kid, alone even out here, and it's really not till recently that I have had a greater embrace of my friends and family."

Brad is clean and sober, having spent 18 months in AA. He's also cut out cigarettes.

Clearly, his struggle is real.

Jayland WalkerSister Won't Watch Body Cam Footage... Isn't Buying Cops' Evidence


Jayland Walker's older sister says she's not ready to watch her brother getting gunned down by cops ... and believes the story officers are giving of the moments that led up to his killing has been planted to put him in a bad light.

Jada Walker was understandably emotional as she recalled her brother's life during an interview with ABC News Wednesday, saying the Jayland she knew isn't the one depicted by officers of the Akron, OH police department ... she also says she never knew him to own a gun.

Jada says she can't bring herself to watch the body cam footage, choosing not to remember her brother in such a horrific manner. She also thinks the photo that was circulated showing a gun in Walker's vehicle was staged.


As you know, body cam footage was released Sunday that showed Jayland Walker being hit by gunshots at least 60 times, killing him. The shooting happened shortly after a traffic stop turned into a car chase throughout the city, ending in a foot pursuit.

Akron Police say a gunshot rang out from Walker's vehicle as they tailed him ... claiming surveillance video from the area shows a muzzle flash coming from inside his car, leading officers to believe he was armed.


A 2-year-old child was left to fend for himself after both of his parents were killed during Monday's mass shooting at the July 4th parade in Illinois.

37-year-old Kevin McCarthy, and 35-year-old Irina McCarthy, both died after a 21-year-old armed with an assault rifle opened fire on the unsuspecting crowd.

The McCarthy’s son, Aiden, was reportedly separated from his parents and got lost in the chaos.

Apparently, a couple found the young boy in the midst of Monday's mayhem and brought him to the local fire department.

Reports say the 2-year-old was eventually reunited with his grandparents at a hospital.

As we've reported, 7 people have died and at least 30 were injured during Monday’s massacre. The shooter fired off close to 70 rounds.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help support Aiden, who is now without both parents. The creators of the page wrote, "We took him to safety under tragic circumstances, came together to locate his grandparents, and prayed for the safety of his family."

While the page states the boy will now be in the care of his grandparents ... it notes that he will have a long road ahead to heal, find stability, and ultimately navigate life without both parents

Travis BarkerCruisin' with Kourtney after Hospitalization

Travis Barker has resurfaced after his scary hospitalization last week, and he didn't look the worse for wear.

Travis and his wife Kourtney Kardashian took a ride in a vintage orange truck on the 4th, with Penelope and Reign in the back.


They looked super chill, as they listened to Bruno Mars' "Grenade."

Travis has said he's feeling a lot better after landing in the hospital.

TMZ broke the story ... he had a colonoscopy which triggered pancreatitis -- a serious problem that kept him in a hospital bed for days as doctors ran tests and treated the ailment.

Travis took to social media last weekend and said "I went in for an endoscopy Monday feeling great. But After dinner, I developed excruciating pain and have been hospitalized ever since."

He went on ...  "During the endoscopy, I had a very small polyp removed right in a very sensitive area, usually handled by specialists, which unfortunately damaged a critical pancreatic drainage tube. This resulted in severe life threatening pancreatitis."

All seems to be well now, thankfully.

'9-1-1: LONE STAR' ACTORTyler Sanders Died From Apparent Overdose

Tyler Sanders' death is being treated as a suspected overdose ... sources connected to the death investigation tell TMZ.

We're told Tyler, who had roles in big shows like "9-1-1: Lone Star" and "Fear the Walking Dead," had a history of drug use and cops found a plastic straw and white powder in the room where he died.

TMZ broke the story ... 18-year-old Tyler was found dead June 16 in his Los Angeles home.

Our sources say Tyler's friends called police to conduct a welfare check because they had not heard from him following a night out ... and that's what led to his body being discovered.

Tyler was laid to rest in Houston ... and someone who attended the funeral tells us Tyler's dad, David Sanders, delivered the eulogy and told the crowd Tyler died of an apparent drug overdose.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We're told Tyler started battling depression when he began filming '9-1-1' and his father repeated some of Tyler's own words at his funeral, talking about how Tyler's brain was wired to where he could not feel happiness.

An official cause of death for Tyler will be determined by the coroner once toxicology reports come back in 4 to 6 months.

Big Sean & Jhené AikoSpotted Proud & Preggo In Bev HillsExpecting Baby No. 1 Together!!!


11:45 AM PT -- A rep for the couple confirms the news to TMZ ... "The couple are overjoyed and look forward to this next chapter."

Longtime couple — and collaborators Big Sean and Jhené Aiko are expecting … and no, it's not the next "TWENTY88" album!

TMZ Hip Hop obtained photos of the pair on an outing in Beverly Hills on Saturday, July 2 ... with Jhené glowing and looking visibly pregnant.

No word how far along she is or the baby’s gender just yet ... but they've been skating around the idea of building a family for a few years now!

Since 2016, Sean and Jhené have been more on than off and have even publicly floated the idea of marriage ... which could be the next step following the whole baby carriage thing.

Although they've been making music for a while -- including their 2016 album "TWENTY88" -- the child will be their 1st together ... Sean’s first and Jhené’s second.


Originally Published -- 5:16 AM PT

Bam MargeraNo Word From Son or Estranged Wife... Lawyers Up For Custody

Bam Margera's emotional split from his estranged wife lead to him fleeing rehab -- but since he's gone back, he hasn't heard a peep from her or their child ... so he's hired an attorney.

Sources close to the 'Jackass' star tell TMZ ... Bam's estranged wife, Nikki Boyd, has made no attempt to speak to him directly or return his phone calls, only speaking to his team about child support and custody regarding their son, Phoenix Wolf.

We're told Bam has now hired a family law attorney to help him visit his son. Our sources say, in the past, Bam had been trying on his own to work out a visitation schedule.

Bam's new family law attorney will be working on hammering out a custody agreement with Nikki's lawyer, David Glass, so Bam can see their son.

Nikki and Phoenix are back in California while Bam is in a Florida treatment center due to his court-ordered rehab -- and the distance doesn't seem to be helping their communication.

Remember, Nikki filed docs in Los Angeles seeking full custody of Phoenix, and only wants Bam to have supervised visitation.

Our sources say Bam's recent disappearance from rehab was spurred by the fact he hasn't been able to see his kid, coupled with a belief Nikki's moved on. Nikki however, claimed when he was missing the 2nd time that she's been nothing but supportive of Bam -- even moving from California to FL to be closer to him ... and she thinks she's been unfairly blamed for his exit.

We're told Bam has been very upset, and no longer wants to try to make things work with Nikki. His only focus is on seeing his son, and he's worried he'll never see him again.

Nikki's attorney tells us she's been waiting to hear from Bam's new treatment facility to begin communication -- as is usually standard procedure. Glass says he's also waiting to hear from Bam's attorney to work on setting up time for Bam to see Phoenix.

Justin BieberGrandma Involved in Near-Fatal Crash

Justin Bieber's grandmother was almost killed in a fiery car crash that she narrowly escaped, seemingly unscathed.

Word of the wreck was spread Saturday in a FB public community page specific to Stratford -- which highlights classic cars and expos in and around the Canadian region within Ontario ... where Bieber has family ties. A photo of the aftermath was posted, with what seems to be a page administrator asking if anyone in the community could ID who it belonged to.

A guy named Brandan Steven, who also appears to be related to Justin, came forward to claim he was in the accident depicted, and that Kathy Bieber -- JB's grandma on his dad Jeremy's side -- was the owner of the convertible, and that she too was inside.

Of course, folks on the page asked for more details about what exactly had happened here -- to which Brandan replied, "we were at a dead stop as a car was turning left a couple cars in front of us. Then a distracted driver rear ended us they say she had to be doing 70."

He goes on to say, "Wasn't good had to pull my grandmother out of car. could have been very bad if we were in there for even another 5 seconds as the doors were binded shut."

Within the comments of this post, people actually tagged Jeremy Bieber's FB page ... as well as Kathy herself, who has photos posing with the car. Of course, this is also the same Kathy with whom Justin has posed in the past ... specifically, when he was much younger.

There aren't a whole lot of public photos of him with Kathy and her husband, George ... who's Jeremy's biological father, but they exist and have been well-documented online. Kathy is Jeremy's stepmother, and thus ... Justin's step-grandmother.

We've reached out to all affected parties for further comment. So far, no word back.

'90 Day Fiance's' Paul StaehleDenies He & Son Pierre are 'Missing'... Heading Back from Trip

Paul Staehle and his young son, Pierre, were reported missing this week -- alarming fans who've followed his story ... but the guy says it's a big misunderstanding.

The "90 Day Fiance" star tells TMZ ... he's aware he and his 3-year-old have officially been reported as MIA in Louisville, KY -- made public in a since-deleted bulletin posted by Missing People in America -- but denies he's kidnapped and fled with his own kid ... saying they were simply on a long work trip together dating back to early June, and that Pierre is safe.

Paul -- who says he's had, in recent months, sole custody of his 2 children, Pierre and Ethan, whom he shares with ex-wife, Karine Martins -- explains that he's been bouncing around these past few weeks between Pennsylvania and FL with Pierre, as PS seeks work.

The reason he brought Pierre with him for this journey, he says, is because the kid suffers from extreme separation anxiety. Since they left, though, local CPS officials have taken custody of his other son (who was staying with Paul's mom, we're told) ... and then filed a missing person's report with cops. Louisville Metro PD confirms to TMZ they took the report.

As for what's going to happen now ... Paul tells us he and Pierre are heading back to Louisville STAT to deal with this mess, and he hopes to regain custody of his children on his own or through his folks by going to court, which he says he'll do in the coming weeks.

As for why he's even dealing with custody issues in the first place ... well, '90 Day' fans are probably well aware of his and Karine's tumultuous relationship dating back to the 2010s -- when they were on the show -- which has only gotten more volatile after tying the knot.

The most recent hiccup between them went down last year, when video purportedly showed Karine being abusive to Paul ... on the heels of a reported divorce filing. Unclear where things stand now, but it appears the powers that be have stepped in over their kids -- who are alleged to have been present during some of the dust-ups between the parents.

As for Karine, she issued a statement on the matter ... in Portuguese.

Britney SpearsFormer Business Manager Lying ...They Were Knee Deep in Creating Conservatorship


11:43 AM PT -- Tri Star attorney Scott Edelman tells TMZ, "This is materially misleading. AS all the evidence makes abundantly clear, the conservatorship was set up on the recommendation of legal counsel, not Tri Star, and approved by the Court for more than 12 years. In fact, Tri Star was not even the business manager for the conservatorship when it was established. Cherry-picked excerpts from emails cannot change the facts, which is why this nonsense will all end once and for all when records are unsealed."

Britney Spears' lawyer is calling BS on her former business manager, claiming the owner of the company lied about its involvement in the conservatorship, and THAT'S why it's objecting to forking over critical documents about its conduct.

Britney's lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, filed legal docs obtained by TMZ ... saying Tri Star Entertainment -- which he says snagged more than $18 million from the 13-year run of the conservatorship -- has lied to the judge by claiming it had no involvement in the creation of the conservatorship. Rosengart notes ... just before Jamie Spears went to court and became his daughter's temporary conservator, he borrowed a minimum of $40,000 from Tri Star, which at the time was a pretty obscure company and repped no other celebrities.

Rosengart believes the money had strings attached ... that Jamie would get the cash and Tri Star would get Britney's business. The lawyer has said in the past, this alleged quid pro quo is highly suspicious if not improper, and he wants Tri Star to produce all the documents related to the issue, but Tri Star wants a judge to block that move.

Britney's lawyer notes Tri Star's owner, Lou Taylor, has reportedly said her company had "no role whatsoever in the creation of a conservatorship for Britney Spears." Taylor's associate, Robin Greenhill, said in a sworn declaration, "At the time the conservatorship ... was established by this Court in early 2008, Tri Star had no role in Ms. Spears' affairs."

Rosengart says that's just false, pointing to an email from Lou Taylor to Jamie in January 2008, weeks before the conservatorship was established, in which she wrote, "he [attorney Andrew Wallet] and tri star will serve as co's [i.e., co-conservators] w you." Taylor wrote another email to another lawyer before the conservatorship was established, saying, "I look forward to working with you."

And, there's this ... one of Jamie's lawyers sent an email to Taylor before going to court and creating the temporary conservatorship, saying, "We have run into a problem with [the] judge selection ... the only judge who will be able to hear our case on Friday is the one drug [sic] who will not give Jamie the power to administer psychotropic drugs."

Rosengart notes, during the run of the conservatorship, Tri Star got a 5% cut of whatever Britney made, and that amounted to more than $18 million. He also says Tri Star's celebrity clientele -- which includes members of the Kardashian family and Travis Scott -- was built off the back of one Britney Spears.

And, Rosengart wants documents to determine Tri Star's role, if any, in secretly monitoring Britney's communications, including her text messages. Of course, the attorney also wants to review Tri Star's communications with Jamie Spears regarding the latter's conduct in the conservatorship.

The judge has yet to rule on whether Tri Star must ante up the docs.

Originally Published -- 5:58 AM PT

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