Travis ScottFires Back at Astroworld Victim Attorney ...I Was Trying to Keep Fans Safe at Coney Show!!!


8:53 AM PT -- A rep for Travis tells TMZ, "This is the despicable, cynical height of hypocrisy. It’s beyond disappointing to see that - in a desperate bid to influence potential jurors – plaintiffs’ legal team is criticizing Travis for pausing Monday’s Coney Island show to ensure that fans can have fun safely. This is exactly the wrong message to send to fans - and to artists. And it completely ignores the fact that Travis also stopped his performance at Astroworld three different times.”

Travis Scott stopping a concert for a rowdy crowd is backfiring -- 'cause the family of one of the Astroworld victims thinks it shows him picking and choosing when he puts fan safety first.

Alex Hilliard, an attorney representing Ezra Blount's family, tells TMZ ... Scott's actions at the July 4 Coney Island show don't prove the rapper is compassionate and willing to keep order. If anything, it depicts the exact opposite ... at least according to the lawyer.


Hillard says, "He knows exactly how to keep his fans safe during a concert, but the problem with that is he didn't just learn about the fact that he has control over the entire crowd."

His implication is Travis has known he wields this power all along, including at Astroworld, but simply refused to exercise it to settle things down. Travis has denied that.

Hillard goes on -- "There are 10 people that would still be alive today, including young Ezra Blount, if Travis realized his responsibility as an artist goes further than just trying to rile up his crowds, and it reemphasizes the rule of 'if you see something say something.'"

In the immediate aftermath of the Coney Island performance, one of Travis's reps came out and said ... "Travis is committed to doing his part to ensure events are as safe as possible so that fans can have fun," adding that he encouraged fans to listen to security so everyone could be safe and enjoy themselves.

It might leave TS feeling like he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't -- but Hillard just isn't buying the compassionate Trav version of events.

He hits back rather fiercely ... telling us, "The problem Mr. Scott has is his when we call him to the stand to swear him in and cross-examine him the judge will not allow his paid spokesperson to sit in the witness chair and answer questions for him."

As you know ... Travis is still tied to several lawsuits that have accused him of being liable for the deaths at Astroworld Fest. All that litigation is still working its way through the courts, and he has yet to be dropped from any of those suits ... despite having asked.

Gunshots in MovieHollywood Won't Limit ProductionsInvolving 'Shootings' In Public Areas

Movie gunfire that has been a staple on the big screen for decades is way more problematic these days -- given the fear those sounds generate during production -- but TMZ has learned the LAPD will continue to allow movie shoots in public areas that involve gunfire.

A law enforcement source at LAPD's Film Unit -- which issues permits to shoot movies in Hollywood and surrounding areas -- tells TMZ, there are no plans to limit shooting scenes in public places.

The LAPD will not publicly comment on its rationale ... but in the wake of the massacres in Highland Park, Uvalde, Buffalo and hundreds of other cities this year alone, there's no doubt the sound of gunshots strikes fear in anyone within earshot.

Orlando Police Department

You can see clearly from celebrations during the 4th of July in Orlando -- where fireworks went off and people scrambled thinking it was gunfire -- just how terrified and on edge people are.

Nevertheless, there's no current plan in L.A. to limit productions that use weapons and the sounds of gunshots while filming in public.

We attempted to find out if any such productions have outstanding permits for movie shootouts, but records are not readily available.

There have been movie shoots in the past where people who weren't involved panicked when they heard the sounds, but in the last few years the alarm level has clearly exponentially increased.

'Love Is Blind' Star Shaina HurleyI Got Hitched at the Courthouse!!!Overseas Wedding to Come

"Love Is Blind" star Shaina Hurley is a married woman, tying the knot with her fiance, Christos Lardakis in a Chicago courthouse -- but it's just stage one of their big wedding plans.

Witnesses at the court tell TMZ ... the couple exchanged vows Saturday morning, and it was an extremely intimate affair -- the only guests were Christos' daughter, and a close friend.

Sources tell us both of their parents gave their blessings for the smaller courthouse wedding -- which they needed to be legally married in the U.S. before going all out, big fat Greek wedding style!

Yes, we're told Shaina and Christos will have a more traditional, and bigger, ceremony later this month in Greece ... with all of their family and friends.

'LIB' fans will recall Shaina had a strong connection in the pods with former costar, Kyle Abrams. Kyle and Shaina actually got engaged while on the reality series, before she called it quits and left the show. Kyle moved on with his other costar Deepti Vempati after filming ended.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Christos popped the question back in March, after nearly a year of dating. Clearly, Shaina's been down this road before, but this time, she's sealed the deal.


Kirk FranklinMy Take on R. Kelly Debate ...Hard to 'Separate Artist from the Art'


Fans of R. Kelly's music are torn on how to handle the disgraced singer's catalog of hits, now that he's doing 30 years for sex crimes -- but maybe Kirk Franklin can provide some guidance.

We put the issue to the gospel music pioneer in NYC. Seeing as how he recorded with Kelly back in 1998, and he knows a thing or two about being persecuted in the spotlight ... he's a perfect person to weigh in.

The gospel Grammy magnet is currently promoting his social justice reform-themed album, "Kingdom Book One" w/ Maverick City Music, and didn't deny cancel culture is a slippery slope because we all make mistakes.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Still, he says it can be "difficult to separate an artist from the art," and, therefore, performers have a responsibility to uphold the trust of their fans.

As we reported, Kelly is currently off suicide watch in prison, and if he's at all interested in forgiveness from fans ... it's gonna take a lot of work, according to Kirk.

He loosely quoted the Bible's book of Luke 12:48 when he told us, "To whom much is given, much is required."

Rafael dos AnjosGaethje & Chandler Wouldn't Fight Me... Rankings Obsession


Rafael dos Anjosplans to be a UFC champ again, but the future Hall of Famer isn't fighting a top 5 ranked opponent when he returns to the Octagon Saturday night ... 'cause RDA tells TMZ Sports the dudes at the top of the division simply won't fight him.

"We're trying to get a fight with all the guys ahead of me on the rankings, but nobody seems to want to fight," #7 ranked dos Anjos says, adding many fighters will only face guys ranked higher than them.

We asked the soon-to-be 38-year-old fighter -- who's beaten guys like Nate Diaz, Robbie Lawler, and Donald Cerrone -- specifically who turned down the fight.

"Everybody. We tried everybody. We tried [Michael] Chandler, we tried [Justin] Gaethje. We tried everybody. It seems to not work. We threw all the names out there. Trying to get a better fight with a better-ranked opponent. But, besides Beneil Dariush, he's my friend, I didn't try to fight him. But other than that, seems like nobody wants to take a 'step back.'"

FYI, there's (technically) no lightweight champ. The strap was stripped from Charles Oliveira (#1) after he missed weight prior to his title fight with Justin (#3) in May. Dustin Poirier is ranked #2, Islam Makhachev #4, Chandler #5, and Dariush is #6.

As for the guy RDA is fighting ... 29-year-old Rafael Fiziev is a savage. He's ranked #10, and has only lost once (11-1) in his professional career. RF last fought in December 2021 ... when he knocked out Brad Riddell with a spinning head kick in the final round.

Both top 10 fighters are attempting to get to the same place ... the top of the lightweight division. Dos Anjos has been there before ... defeating Anthony Pettis for the LW belt in 2015.

Fiziev's trying to claw his way to the top for the first time.

Bottom line ... only one Rafael can emerge the winner Saturday night.

Westside BoogieEminem Taught Me, No Crowd-Surfing... But It's My Thing!!!

It's Tricky with Raquel Harper

Westside Boogie says he's picked up lots of gems from Eminem while signed to his record label, but, unfortunately ... the best one involves NOT doing something he loves to do!!!

The Compton-bred rapper sat down with Raq on the 'It's Tricky' podcast and talked more about being a Shady Records artist, and learning the ropes from Em.

Westside Boogie says, the best tip Em ever gave him was telling him to stop crowd-surfing because there's a chance he can get sued. Great advice, financially speaking ... possibly, but you can tell in this clip, WB is conflicted about it.

If you didn't know ... Westside Boogie, formerly known as Boogie, signed to Shady Records and Interscope Records back in 2017.

Apparently, Marshall's warning came with good reason. Besides the aforementioned legal concerns ... Westside Boogie says his label honcho doesn't approve of stage-diving because it sparked a fight, back in the day for the 'Real Slim Shady.'

Westside Boogie released his 2nd studio album a few weeks back, but it's still a bit unclear if he'll stop pulling out his favorite move at the shows.😆

For the full interview, catch "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" wherever you get your podcasts.

‘FNF’ Rapper GloRillaHi Haters, I’m Yo Gotti Certified ...F*** Boys Rap Made Me Rich!!!


Just follow the Instagram and TikTok hashtags -- up-and-coming Memphis rapper GloRilla’s "F.N.F. (Let's Go)"single is the hottest twerk anthem of 2022, and now she’s joined one of the hottest labels in the game ... Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group!!!

Young Glo checked in with TMZ Hip Hop Wednesday, following her CMG chaining day -- which included a $500,000 cash money signing bonus just for being lit.

According to Glo, 'F.N.F.' (which stands for "F*** N***a Free btw) wasn't inspired by one particular relationship, but rather a sea of bird-brain males she observed in singlehood.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

GloRilla tells us she manifested her success through the power of her words, using terms like "when" instead of "if" to speak her wins into power.

She also has no shame in her game...  thanking all her haters for giving her a punching bag on her way to the top 😜❗


Her breakout hit peaked at 91 on the Billboard Hot 100 and had everyone from Cardi B to Saweetie to Kodak Black co-signing the hit -- not to mention her fellow CMG labelmate Moneybagg Yo, who recently gave her a Ja Morant alley-oop at Spotify's RapCaviar event where Gotti was named "Coach of the Year."

GloRilla not only says she's not gonna be a one-hit-wonder, but promises she's got more big records on the way.

As she says on that catchy AF 'F.N.F.' chorus ... let's gooooo!

AirbnbGuests Sue Host Over Hidden CamsYou Recorded Us Banging!!!


5:40 PM PT -- A spokesperson for Airbnb tells TMZ … the company strictly prohibits hidden cameras and they immediately removed the host and the property from their network after learning about the accusations.


Airbnb says their law enforcement operations team is working to support local police investigating the incident.

Hidden cameras in Airbnbs is a hot-button issue lately, but apparently, they're nothing new -- at least according to two renters, who say they were illegally taped by their host.

A couple is suing the host of an Airbnb rental property in Maine, claiming the guy installed a secret recording device in the main bedroom of an apartment they stayed in back in 2020 ... which they worry was rolling during hanky-panky!

In legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Kayla DeCristofaro and Ian Kelly say they rented a pad from a guy named Peter Madden around mid-September in Westbrook, ME ... only to later learn the guy was later charged with seven counts of violating privacy using an inside device.

The couple claims they had no knowledge of this at the time ... not suspecting anything was amiss and carrying on with their stay like normal -- including getting busy in the bedroom, among other intimate moments in which they were undressed and/or having private convos.

Welp, about a month later ... DeCristofaro and Kelly allege they were contacted by the local police, which they say informed them that Madden had a camera hidden in a clock radio in the bedroom ... with a full view of the bed, and which was apparently filming.

The pair say they were never told about any cameras from either Madden or Airbnb, and insist they had a reasonable expectation to privacy in the home. They're suing Madden for violation of privacy and emotional distress.

Of course, this has echoes of a woman who just last month alleged there were not-so-secret cameras littered throughout a Philly Airbnb rental -- but the company shut her down, saying there was no truth to the matter ... a conclusion they say was reached by the authorities.

Originally Published -- 10:32 AM PT

Bam MargeraParties His Face Off... After Bailing On Rehab


Bam Margeraseemingly fell off the wagon after bouncing from a treatment center ... video shows him partying with a group of men while police and his family were desperately looking for him.

After Bam vanished from a Florida rehab facility on June 25th, we're told he met up with some folks at a sports bar Saturday in Pompano Beach and had a couple alcoholic drinks.

One of the people who say they were hanging with Bam tells us the "Jackass" star then asked to be taken to a hospital for an injured wrist, and the person says he drove Bam to the hospital and took a pic of him on a hospital bed on Bam's orders.

We're told Bam later left the hospital and went to a strip club in Pompano Beach ... though Bam told people around him to keep the dancers away from him because he loves his wife and kid.

After the strip club, we're told Bam went to a friend's house, and you can see in our video, he appears to lose consciousness before coming back around. A couple hours later, Bam was picked up by another friend.

TMZ broke the story ... Bam was found on June 27th at a hotel in Deerfield Beach, where police and his family staged an intervention before he agreed to check in to a new treatment center.

Warren JeffsIn Protective Custody For Over A Decade ...In Cell 22 Hours A Day

Warren Jeffs, the subject of a popular new Netflix documentary -- "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey" -- has been closely watched for his own protection for the past decade while locked away, TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice tells TMZ ... Warren has been in protective custody since he arrived at the Louis C. Powledge Unit in Anderson County back in 2011.

The area is designed to provide the ultimate protection for inmates ... he stays in his cell for 22 hours each day ... even his meals are brought to him. He's given some rec time, but isn't allowed to interact with other inmates.

An inmate is placed in protective custody when there's been a serious, direct or proven threat to their safety. The circumstances surrounding his confinement have not been made public.

As we reported, Warren took his new mug shot Thursday ... as his Netflix doc continues to do big numbers. The series examines his controversial church ... where polygamy reigned supreme.

Warren reportedly had 78 wives when he was arrested back in 2006. He was later found guilty of sexual assault on a minor and aggravated sexual assault against a child and is serving a life sentence.

Brett FavreOpen To NFL Broadcasting Career... 'I Would Consider It'


From gunslinging in a helmet to ... word-spewing in a headset???

Brett Favre says that is now a real possibility ... telling TMZ Sports he's starting to open up to the idea of joining a big network to broadcast and analyze NFL games.

"I would consider it," the 52-year-old Green Bay Packers legend said.

Of course, the offer would have to be right -- Favre said he's looking for a "great deal" and perhaps a Monday night or Thursday night broadcasting gig -- but he, nonetheless, said he'd seriously ponder it all.

Favre joked though, the nation would have to get used to his "country accent" and "aw-shucks mentality."

As for another quarterback legend who's already committed to broadcasting games in the future -- Tom Brady -- Favre said he's not surprised at all the guy received a $375 MILLION deal to talk ball on TV.

"If anybody's worth it," he said, "it's Tom Brady."

But up next for a big deal ... Favre?!?

Janis JoplinMandolin She Gave Jimi Fetches $281K

Scoring anything Janis Joplin owned would be cool, but an instrument that belonged to Janis AND Jimi Hendrix is a whole new level of rock memorabilia.

We're talking about a hand-painted mandolin that fetched a whopping $281,250 after 29 bidders battled it out. The history on this item is pretty cool, so that price could be considered a steal.

Up until now, it has never been up for auction, and had been a part of a private collection for 20 years after it was acquired from the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.

More importantly, guitar god Jimi was the last famous owner ... having received it from Janis as a gift.

Besides just being a cool instrument to own, the mandolin represents the friendship between 2 of the most iconic rock stars of all time. It's painted with flowers and phrases such as "love thy neighbor," "Janis Joplin & B.B.H.Co," and "Jimi Hendrix."

The new owner got themselves 2 Rock and Roll Hall of Famers for the price of one.

BTW, the Johnny Depp motorcycle from "Cry-Baby" was a part of the same auction ... but its reserve price wasn't met. Instead, GWS auctions say it has several museums interested and currently vying for it.

Some other big-ticket items that did sell include an Elvis Presley Pyramid Ring for $131,250, an Elvis 14K Gold watch for $62,500 and a prop shotgun from 'Terminator 2' which went for $46,875.

Chris Rock & Lake BellSeen Together Again ...Romantic Santa Monica Stroll

Chris Rockand Lake Bell are continuing their dating escapades Tuesday as the couple was spotted together on Santa Monica beach -- and TMZ has obtained photos of their romantic stroll.

An eyewitness tells TMZ ... the comedian and the actress were in great spirits walking past Shutter On The Beach while calmly taking in the beautiful ocean views. Although there wasn't any kissing or hand-holding, our sources noted there was almost no room in between their bodies as they moved along the path. Interpretation...things seem to be getting pretty serious between these two.

Of course, this comes shortly after the two enjoyed a weekend together in the city ... first, hitting up Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. They were also seen Sunday, grabbing a bite at Coast Restaurant in the same neighborhood ... for a dinner just for two.

If we were to guess here, they're full on dating ... and it could be serious. Remember, they were recently spotted at a Cardinals game in St. Louis. They tried to keep things low-key then ... but clearly, they're out in the open, now.

As we've reported ... they both have recently gotten out of long-term relationships ... and from the looks of it, they're really enjoying each other's company.

'90 DAY FIANCE'S' PAUL STAEHLEReturned Home After Missing Person's Report ...Son Taken By Child Services

Paul Staehle and his 3-year-old son Pierre have safely returned home to Kentucky after a police bulletin reported them missing last week, TMZ has learned.

'The 90 Day Fiancé' star tells TMZ ... he drove back to the Louisville area on Saturday with Pierre, and the two met with Paul's parents at a park.

Paul said he turned Pierre over to his parents because he didn't want to deal with all the drama involving Child Protective Services.

He says he needs more time to process the legal situation engulfing him, his ex-wife Karine Martins and their 2 young kids, Ethan and Pierre.

After they were reported missing, Paul denied kidnapping Pierre and going on the lam with him, insisting they had been on a long work trip together since early June.

Paul's parents contacted CPS officials, who picked up Pierre and reunited him with 1-year-old Ethan at a foster home.

As we’ve reported, Paul and Karine lost custody of their children to CPS after videos surfaced of the couple's abusive relationship dating back to 2010, when they were featured on the show.

Paul's parents are now seeking full custody of the kids and plan to duke it out with the authorities in family court.

A rep for Louisville Police Department confirmed to TMZ ... Pierre was located and is safe, and the Missing Person’s report had been closed on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

July 4th Mass ShootingFBI Raids Home of Person of Interest Robert Crimo


FBI agents wearing tactical gear and brandishing assault rifles poured out of an armored vehicle Monday and raided the suburban Chicago home of Robert Crimo -- the person of interest in the July 4th mass shooting -- and TMZ obtained exclusive video of the raid.

The scene unfolded around 4:30 PM Monday in Highwood, Illinois -- where Robert Crimo lives with his family -- two hours before the alleged killer was taken into custody by police after a brief car chase. Cops identified Crimo as a "person of interest" in the heinous shootings and recovered a high-powered rifle from the scene.

Video from the raid shows two teams of FBI agents with guns poised ... walking up to the front and side entrances of the house. One of the agents is heard banging on the front door and yelling, "It's The FBI. If you're inside, come out with your hands up."

The other team is seen walking along the side of the house and pointing their guns at the windows, before entering the home through an unlocked door.

Witnesses tell TMZ ... the feds stayed there for several hours taking photos, but it's unclear if they removed evidence from the home or made arrests. Some agents were overheard saying they had viewed "some interesting things."

During the raid, we're told Crimo's father drove up, spoke with the FBI and made a call to his son, leaving a voicemail that the feds wanted to talk to him, the witnesses said.


The 22-year-old Crimo -- if he's indeed the gunman -- turned the Fourth Of July parade in Highland Park into a shooting gallery by opening fire at a crowd from the rooftop of a local business. Six people were killed and more than two dozen were taken to hospitals with injuries. The victims ranged in age from 8 to 85.

'9-1-1: LONE STAR' ACTORTyler Sanders Died From Apparent Overdose

Tyler Sanders' death is being treated as a suspected overdose ... sources connected to the death investigation tell TMZ.

We're told Tyler, who had roles in big shows like "9-1-1: Lone Star" and "Fear the Walking Dead," had a history of drug use and cops found a plastic straw and white powder in the room where he died.

TMZ broke the story ... 18-year-old Tyler was found dead June 16 in his Los Angeles home.

Our sources say Tyler's friends called police to conduct a welfare check because they had not heard from him following a night out ... and that's what led to his body being discovered.

Tyler was laid to rest in Houston ... and someone who attended the funeral tells us Tyler's dad, David Sanders, delivered the eulogy and told the crowd Tyler died of an apparent drug overdose.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We're told Tyler started battling depression when he began filming '9-1-1' and his father repeated some of Tyler's own words at his funeral, talking about how Tyler's brain was wired to where he could not feel happiness.

An official cause of death for Tyler will be determined by the coroner once toxicology reports come back in 4 to 6 months.

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